Direct translation on WhatsApp? The WhatsApp translation plugin has something to say!

WhatsApp translation plugin speaks up for direct translation!

WhatsApp may not be well-known in China, but for those who have done foreign trade business, they basically all use WhatsApp, which is a social chat software abroad with a very high usage rate.

However, for enterprises engaged in foreign trade, the customers they come into contact with are all from abroad, and they use different languages. Many times we cannot understand what the customer is trying to express, so we need to use translation software and then reply. This is actually a waste of time. Foreign customers are very concerned about the customer experience. If you cannot reply to the customer in a timely manner, you may be blacklisted by the customer or leave a bad impression.

In this case, you need to know some WhatsApp translation plugins to facilitate communication between us and customers. Now, let’s talk about the content of WhatsApp translation plugins with the editor of Cross-border King.

As we all know, WhatsApp cannot be directly translated. Although it has built-in some translation software, it is not so intelligent and still has certain limitations. Therefore, most enterprise sellers will use third-party developed WhatsApp translation plugins to chat and communicate with customers.

The main core of WhatsApp translation plugins is to translate the user’s language, and basically covers all languages ​​in the world, including some small languages ​​in some countries, etc. It can directly translate the user’s chat dialogue, translate in real-time, and promptly reply to the user’s message, solving the user’s problems.

It can help users with different language backgrounds to communicate and communicate, and also help people better understand other languages ​​and cultures.

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