What is the use of applying for a design patent?

Why apply for a design patent?

Design patents are the object of patent rights and are protected by patent law. They refer to the design that should be granted patent rights according to the law. It is completely different from invention or utility model and is not a technical solution. However, some people may think that their products do not need to apply for design patents and feel that it is unnecessary, which is actually a big mistake. Let’s understand the benefits of applying for design patents together! The function of applying for design patents 1. Design can ensure the intangible value of products and technology, and patent application is the most effective way to fight against infringement in market competition. 2. Design patents enhance the value of brands. When products are sold in the market, you can proudly say that our products are patented. This introduction is more powerful than a large number of advertising leaflets, and the promotion effect will be better. 3. The quality and quantity of patents are the embodiment of enterprise innovation ability and core competitiveness, and a symbol of the identity and status of enterprises in the industry. 4. Design patents can legally monopolize and prohibit others from producing and selling products that are the same as yours. If someone else applies for a design patent first and prohibits you from producing and selling it after obtaining the certificate, it will cause losses to the enterprise and do a disservice to the enterprise! 5. Design patents can be recognized by consumers. If the new product design of the enterprise is patented in time, its design will enjoy exclusive rights. 6. In the event of patent infringement, it is easy to make a judgment on design patents. Because in the process of infringement comparison, it is only necessary to compare the appearance of the infringing product with the patent photo, and there is no need to consider the internal structure and function of the product. Therefore, the court can easily make a judgment when reviewing disputes over infringement of design patents. What to avoid in the view of the work 1. There are interior objects or backdrops that affect the expression of the design. For some products that must rely on interior objects or backdrops to clearly display the design to be protected, it is allowed to retain the interior objects or backdrops, but it must not affect the correct expression of the product design. 2. Component products lack the corresponding views of the necessary combination state or lack one or more views of individual components, and the design content of the unsubmitted view can be determined from other views such as the combined state diagram or the stereogram. 3. The photo background is not single. Other content outside the product design appears in the photo background, affecting the expression of the product design that requires patent protection. 4. The proportions of the views are inconsistent. If the proportions are inconsistent, it will cause the views to fail to clearly display the design of the product that requires patent protection. 5. There is a partial magnification map, but the magnified part is not marked in the relevant view. 6. Strong light, reflection, shadow, reflection, etc. occur. When taking pictures of products, you should avoid shadow, reflection, and other unrelated content in the product view caused by strong light, reflection, and other reasons, which will cause the view to fail to clearly display the product that requires patent protection. 7. For the design of transparent products, if there are two or more shapes, patterns, and colors in the outer and inner layers, they are not distinguished.

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