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Facebook has a strict review system for advertising content. If your ad content does not meet the requirements, it may be blocked. Facebook sets up an ad review program on its website and applications and limits the images and videos that users can upload. If you want your ad to “survive” on Facebook, you must comply with Facebook’s review regulations. Although Facebook has a strict review system, there are still some violations. These violations may cause ads to be blocked or restricted. Although each country has its own cultural and legal framework, it is important for Facebook to understand the rules and restrictions of each country and region. So, what are the contents of Facebook advertisements that violate the review policy? Let me tell you below!

Some common Facebook violations:

If you want to use Facebook ads in other countries or regions, please follow local laws, regulations, and policies.

1. Avoid violating local laws

The laws of each country and region are different, including regulations on the Internet, Internet access, and consumer protection. For example, in the United States, it is prohibited to advertise sexual offenses against children. If you want to use Facebook ads in China, you need to avoid publishing any content related to sex.

2. Avoid publishing any false information

Facebook prohibits any type of false information, including fraud, fraudulent behavior, defamation, or harassment.

3. Avoid using vulgar language

Using vulgar language on Facebook is illegal because you may violate advertising policies in some countries and regions. For example, in China, you cannot use words such as “beauty”, “handsome”, or “beauty”, while in India, you cannot use similar words. In addition, if you use words such as “chauvinism”, “sexual abuse”, “violence”, or “pornography” in advertising, it is also not allowed. These are vulgar language and are easily blocked or restricted from being published.

4. Avoid infringing personal privacy

Facebook’s privacy policy clearly states that it only provides services related to personal information, including advertising, to its users. You should not use Facebook to track or monitor your personal data, as this is illegal. Facebook does not collect user data through advertising. If you use Facebook as an advertising platform and provide services to users through Facebook websites and applications, you should comply with Facebook’s privacy policy and ensure that you provide sufficient personal information to users so that they can control their data usage. If you want your ads to be used in other countries and regions, you need to ensure that your ads do not infringe on privacy.

5. Avoid using terms that may be misleading

Facebook checks the terms used in ads to ensure that they accurately and clearly convey the message.

Therefore, when using terms, please follow the following requirements:

Do not use terms such as “facebook”, “Facebook” or “Facebook ads”;

Do not copy and paste content from other websites to Facebook;

Do not place company and brand names together;

The language used in the ad should be easy to understand and avoid using language that may cause misunderstandings, such as “free”, “discount”, “discounts”, etc.

For example, in China, words such as “free gift” or “discount” cannot appear in ads. If you use these words in your ads, Facebook will consider your ads to be non-compliant.

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The above is about common violations in Facebook ad review, hoping that these contents can help you.

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