What is Vinted platform? Is it easy to use? What issues should be aware of?

Vinted platform - what is it, how easy to use, what issues to be aware of?

Recently, some sellers have inquired about the Vinted platform, but they are not sure what Vinted does, whether it is suitable for sellers like us, and what issues to pay attention to when using the Vinted platform. Here, we will share some information!

What is the Vinted platform?

Vinted is an online platform for second-hand clothing, accessories, and other items abroad. It is similar to China’s Xianyu second-hand trading platform for purchasing and exchanging products. It currently covers 15 countries: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, the United States, and Canada. The platform’s coverage and audience are quite extensive, which has led to many sellers joining Vinted.

Is the Vinted platform easy to use?

The types of products that can be resold on the Vinted platform include men’s and women’s bags and clothing, children’s or baby products, household items, books, and beauty and skincare products, among others.

However, it is important to note that if you are selling luxury goods, you need to provide proof of authenticity (such as a receipt). If you are reselling beauty and skincare products, they must be new and unopened.

The supported mailing methods include Colissimo, UPS Access Point, Shop2Shop by Chronopost, Relais Colis, and Mondial Relay. Sellers can choose their preferred mailing method in their personal settings (depending on whether there is a convenient mailing point near their home).

What issues should you pay attention to when using the Vinted platform?

Although Vinted’s development prospects are getting better and better, it also exposes some operational issues that only large platforms have, such as account suspension.

Especially many sellers neglect the anti-association of multiple stores and the prohibition of using similar or identical product images or titles during operation, and it is also not allowed to infringe upon intellectual property rights.

If you operate multiple accounts on the Vinted platform, you can use the vmmask fingerprint browser. After registering, you can get two permanent fingerprint browser environments, which are very convenient to use and reasonably priced. Therefore, many sellers are using vmmask. It should be noted that vmmask supports multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms, and Facebook’s multi-account drainage, account growth and promotion can all be used.

What is the Vinted platform? Is it easy to use? With the large number of sellers joining, it is necessary to pay attention to relevant issues during operation to avoid account association.

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