Take 50% of the market share! Amazon surpasses Google to become the number one online shopping destination in the United States!

Amazon surpasses Google to become the top US online shopping destination, taking 50% market share!

According to a survey report released by PowerReviews, Amazon is the most popular search starting point for online shoppers in the United States, with 50% of product searches beginning on Amazon.

PowerReviews surveyed 8,153 American consumers in March 2023. The survey subjects were mainly millennials, accounting for 53% of respondents, followed by Generation X (29%); Baby Boomers (10%) and Generation Z (8%).

PowerReviews emphasizes that almost all American consumers now research products online and rely heavily on ratings and reviews. Therefore, maintaining visibility on any relevant platform is very important when shoppers research and purchase products.

The survey shows where American consumers start searching for online shopping:

  • Amazon: 50%

  • Google: 31.5%

  • Retail or brand websites: 14%

  • Review websites: 2%

  • Social media: 2%

However, for Generation Z, they conduct more searches on Google (38%) than on Amazon (36%). Additionally, this group has the highest probability of searching for products on social media, at 5%.

The survey also found that ratings and reviews are more decisive factors in sales success than any other factors, including product price, free shipping, free returns, and exchanges.

77% of consumers say they specifically look for review websites. This number is even higher in Generation Z (87%) and Millennials (81%). Additionally, 56% of consumers believe that reviews with attached ratings are unreliable.

Where American consumers read reviews and ratings:

  • Amazon: 94%

  • Retail websites (such as Target, Walmart): 91%

  • Search engines: 70%

  • Brand websites (the brand that produces the product): 68%

  • Independent review websites: 40%

On the other hand, 60% of consumers will look at user-generated images or videos when learning about new products; 77% of consumers say they trust customer photos and videos. 53% of people say that previously generated customer photos and videos have influenced their decision to purchase a product.

When searching on Google and other search engines, 56% of consumers make purchase decisions based on search results; 63% of consumers say they use search engine results to learn about products they haven’t purchased before; 50% of respondents say they trust search engine results.

Overall, Amazon remains consumers’ preferred product search engine, and product ratings and reviews are what really influence purchasing decisions.

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