How to place Google Ads promotions? A beginner’s guide to Google Ads advertising placement

Beginner's guide to placing Google Ads promotions

Google Ads advertising is one of the most important channels for many foreign trade enterprises to develop overseas customers. Compared to other channels, Google SEM has the advantages of precise customer acquisition, quick access to massive high-precision customers, and controllable investment costs. It can obtain more exposure, impressions, clicks, and conversions from search engines. If Google Ads promotion is so important, do you know how to place Google bidding ads? What issues should be paid attention to when placing Google paid ads?

The strategy for doing Google ad placement depends mainly on our product’s precise user group and advertising budget. We need to analyze our user group and formulate relevant promotional strategies based on their interests and preferences, such as keywords, creative writing, and image/video/GIF selection. After setting up a Google Ads account, the bidding strategy needs to be comprehensively considered based on the budget, product, and competitors, and then continuously improved and explored in practice.

Currently, Google’s bidding models mainly include: intelligent cost-per-click, target search page location, target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), ranking target, target return on ad spend, and maximize clicks. For example, if the budget is very limited and you want to get more conversions, you can use the target CPA bidding strategy to ensure that the cost of our conversion is not too high and increase conversion as much as possible.

Bidding alone cannot determine the advertising ranking of Google Ads promotion. In addition to bidding, factors that affect ranking include the quality score of the ad, which mainly includes the relevance of the ad, landing page user experience, and estimated click-through rate.

The above are several analyses of Google Ads advertising placement. It is crucial to have rich experience in bidding for Google Ads promotion. It is recommended that you find a team with promotion experience and Google official certification to operate on your behalf.

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