Congratulations to for winning the qualification of Google Earth Engine’s Asia-Pacific regional partner!

Congratulations to the winner of Google Earth Engine's Asia-Pacific regional partner qualification!

Do you really understand the Earth🌍? The Google Earth Engine, a planetary-level geographic spatial analysis platform, has emerged!

Congratulations to Master Concept, the Google Earth Engine recommended partner in the Asia-Pacific region!

Whether you are a research institution or a commercial organization, any location-based usage needs are welcome to contact us, so that your business can shine on the map!

What is Google Earth Engine?

Google Earth Engine is a cloud-based visualization platform used for large-scale environmental data analysis. It allows users to access, process, and analyze large datasets of satellite images and other geographic spatial data using Google’s infrastructure and technology.

The purpose of using Google Earth Engine is:

1. To provide an interactive platform for large-scale geographic spatial algorithm development

2. To enable high-impact, data-driven science

3. To make substantial progress in global challenges involving large geographic spatial datasets

Who is Google Earth Engine suitable for?

Google Earth Engine combines a multi-PB catalog of satellite images and geographic spatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities, aiming to make it easier for academic institutions, government users, businesses, and non-profit organizations to access and analyze large amounts of geographic spatial data to better understand and manage Earth’s resources.

The advantages of Google Earth Engine

1. Huge database: The public data archive of Google Earth Engine includes more than 40 years of historical images and scientific datasets, which are updated and expanded every day.

2. Powerful data analysis capabilities: Combined with Google Cloud’s databases and artificial intelligence, it can more accurately manage Earth observation data and provide scalable computing of data.

3. Reliable real-world applications: It has appeared in thousands of published scientific papers and provides customized solutions for industries.

Applicable scenarios:

Environmental monitoring:

Google Earth Engine can be used to track changes in land use and land cover, monitor deforestation, and detect and map changes in vegetation, wetlands, and other natural resources.

Disaster management:

Google Earth Engine can be used to detect and monitor natural disasters such as floods, droughts, and wildfires. It can also be used to assess the impact of disasters on communities and infrastructure.

Climate change:

Google Earth Engine can be used to study the impact of climate change on the Earth’s ecosystems and natural resources, such as changes in sea ice, glaciers, and permafrost.

Urban planning:

Google Earth Engine can be used to map and analyze urban areas, including population density, land use, and infrastructure.

Real-life images (1984-2011)

Real-life images (1984-2012)

Above are just some of the exciting “appetizers” of Google Earth Engine. For more interactive experiences about Google Earth Engine, please come and explore at the May 17-18 Global Geospatial Developers Conference. Mr. Liang Zhixing, the General Manager of Master Concept China, will deliver a speech on “The Specific Applications of Google Maps in Various Overseas Industries”. We will also unveil the mysterious “veil” of Google Earth Engine at booth D10. We look forward to your visit!

More overseas activities 🚢

Stay tuned!

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