Giant Interactive | What are the key strategies for Google overseas accounts and Google advertising placement?

Key strategies for Google overseas accounts and advertising placement?

The main source of traffic for independent websites comes from Google advertising. So how can we do well in Google advertising and get the best traffic effect within our budget? In this article, we will discuss some strategies for Google advertising. If we can make full use of these strategies, it will help sellers achieve sales growth through Google.

1. Selecting appropriate keywords

When buyers search for products in the search bar, how can we accurately promote or display the seller’s products to buyers, thereby attracting attention and adding them to their shopping cart? The tool we need to use here is keyword matching. We need to create a series of keywords for the seller’s product advertisement. When the buyer’s search terms match the seller’s set keywords, the recommended products will naturally appear in front of the buyer.

When setting keywords, we need to consider the degree of matching between keywords and products. Accurate keywords can bring effective traffic and promote GMV growth. Inaccurate keywords will only waste the budget. When advertising, sellers need to constantly optimize these keywords, filter out effective long-tail keywords, and list negative keywords to avoid wasting advertising resources.

2. Do not adjust the advertisement in a short period of time

Google needs time to learn, and frequent changes are not conducive to Google’s learning. After we advertise on Google, we do need to optimize and modify according to advertising data. But we should wait a certain amount of time before making changes. Personally, I recommend waiting for at least a week. I once had an average effect in the first five days after advertising on Google. But after the fifth day, the effect suddenly exploded, and all data increased rapidly. At this time, some people may ask whether this one week is absolute. My answer is no. This time is only a reference.

We need to conduct several Google advertising tests before we can obtain a suitable time for ourselves. Different products, markets and consumer groups will have an impact on this time.

3. Advertising settings in the advertising group

Many partners, in order to save budget or unclear, set only one Google advertisement in each Google advertising group. Therefore, when Google advertising is launched, the Google system can only push this one Google advertisement. This is where Google is powerful. If we have multiple advertisements, Google can push as many of our advertisements as possible. In this way, we can test more Google advertisements. After a period of time, we can optimize and adjust according to Google advertising data.

4. Optimize the landing page

When we promote advertising on Google, users will click and jump to our landing page after searching. We need to optimize the Google advertising landing page based on the characteristics of the target market and the usage habits of target users. We also need to match Google mobile search. The landing page is a website that buyers see after clicking on the advertisement. It is also the core link of advertising conversion. At the same time, this process needs to be fast and smooth to ensure buyers’ purchasing experience. Therefore, the landing page should also have the characteristics of fast opening speed, good security, adaptability to various screen sizes, and good reading experience.

5. Advertise at special times

This special time refers to shopping festivals such as “Black Friday”. At this time, we need comprehensive coverage of Google advertising. If the budget allows, we should launch Google advertising for search ads, display ads, video ads, etc.

After placing Google ads, the Google ad budget can be raised in a short period of time, and at this point, the shopping enthusiasm of the target users will also be higher. Raising the Google ad budget allows Google to push more ads, which on one hand, allows us to quickly collect data for ad optimization. On the other hand, the data collected at this time can also be applied to our usual Google ad settings, making our ads more targeted.

The above is what the editor learned through researching related materials, hoping that these strategies for Google ad placement can be helpful to you.

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