Foreign Trade Online Promotion How to Promote a Foreign Trade Website

Tips for Promoting a Foreign Trade Website

Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and is now a major method for many foreign buyers to find suppliers. Therefore, many foreign trade companies are using Google SEO to gain exposure and obtain more accurate inquiries in order to promote their websites. One of the lower cost methods is Google SEO. So, how can businesses do a good job in SEO ranking? Yun Cheng Network shares some tips.

1. Title and Description Code Optimization

Title and Description are important tags for website keywords and descriptions. Setting these tags can help Google better understand the content and theme of the website, which is an important ranking factor. In addition, the website’s title tag and description will be displayed in Google search results, so companies need to pay more attention. When setting the title, it is recommended to put the core keywords first, and the overall title length should not exceed 70 characters to ensure complete display in search results. When setting the description, it is important not to stack keywords. Instead, highlight the website content and characteristics, and the length should not exceed 160 characters.

2. Sitemap Code Optimization

A sitemap is a map of the website that can tell Google all the page links on the site. By submitting the website’s sitemap, Google can better crawl and index the website’s content, thereby improving the website’s ranking in search results. It is worth noting that the sitemap file must be in XML format and be updated in a timely manner to ensure that Google can more quickly understand the new content on the foreign trade website.

3. Robots.txt Code Optimization

Robots.txt tells Google which pages can be crawled and indexed, and which pages need to be excluded. By setting the Robots.txt code, Google can control the crawling and indexing of the website, avoiding Google from crawling useless pages that may affect the website’s ranking. When setting Robots.txt, it is important to ensure that all allowed and prohibited pages are included, and it needs to be updated regularly to reflect changes in website content.

4. Website Internal Optimization

This includes website internal links, which help Google better crawl through various pages of the website and transfer weight, thereby improving the ranking of key pages. Based on the selected keywords, keyword layout is carried out, including optimization tags such as TDK tags, website navigation, and website content. Continuously update high-quality original content, focusing on keywords related to the industry or product. Alt tag optimization involves adding Alt tags to images to help Google understand the meaning of the image. The Alt tag should be related to the image and preferably contain the keyword.

5. Analysis and Monitoring

After a period of time, foreign trade website optimization requires regular monitoring of website traffic, ranking, and conversion rate to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO strategies and adjust SEO work to continuously improve results. Most websites now have built-in data monitoring tools, or you can understand website-related data by adding webmaster tool codes if they are not available.

Overall, Google SEO optimization is a complex and important part of the process of promoting foreign trade websites. By properly setting optimization codes such as Title and Description, Sitemap, and Robots.txt, Google can better understand and index the content of the website, thereby improving the website’s ranking in search results.

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