Google Search Trends Revealed Top 10 Popular Products for Mother’s Day 2023

Top 10 Mother's Day 2023 products revealed by Google Search Trends

According to Google Shopping, gifts related to relaxation and health are very popular this year, such as the “Sunbeam Royal Luxury Heated Blanket”, which has seen a 350% increase in searches, the “Extra Large Yoga Mat” with a 300% increase, and “Nearby Massage Coupons” with a 200% increase.

Other categories, such as beauty products, are also popular Mother’s Day gifts this year. According to exclusive data from Google Trends report, the search volume for “Rare Beauty Melting Blush” and “Watermelon Glow Spray” both increased by 400% this week.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts Revealed by Google

1. Arabella Bouquets Purple Luxury Flower Bouquet

According to Google Shopping, searches for “flowers” have increased by 450% during Mother’s Day in May every year since 2004. The Arabella Bouquets Purple Luxury Flower Bouquet, with over 1,000 positive reviews and priced at under $75, is a popular choice for gift-giving.

2. Boppy Nursing Pillow Cover

Google data shows that searches for Boppy nursing pillow covers have increased by 70%, and they are particularly popular on Amazon. Sellers can use this as a reference for gift ideas.

3. ESARORA Ice Roller

Google Trends shows a significant increase of 250% in searches for “ESARORA Ice Roller”. This unique ice roller has over 21,000 positive reviews on Amazon and is one of the popular Mother’s Day gifts.

4. Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat

Google data shows a 300% increase in searches for “Extra Large Yoga Mat” this Mother’s Day. Among them, the Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Yoga Mat is one of the most popular products on Amazon.

5. TOLOCO Massage Gun

According to Google shopping data, searches for “best affordable massage gun” increased by 200% during Mother’s Day. On Amazon, TOLOCO massage gun is one of the most popular products and can serve as a reference for competitors.

6. Sunbeam Royal Luxe Heated Blanket

Google data shows that searches for “Sunbeam Royal Luxe heated blanket” increased by 350%, and the product has over 32,000 positive reviews on Amazon, priced at less than $75.

7. Rare Beauty Melting Blush

Google Trends shows that searches for “Rare Beauty Melting Blush” increased by 400%, becoming one of the most searched items on Google.

8. Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

Google Trends shows that searches for “How to use Dyson Airwrap curler” increased by 120%, making it one of the hottest Mother’s Day gifts this year.

9. Mejuri Platinum Diamond Necklace

Google data shows that searches for “Mejuri necklace” increased by 80%.

10. Birthstone Ring

According to Google shopping data, searches for “multiple birthstone rings” increased by 100% during Mother’s Day.

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