Cross-border weekly report | Amazon FBA experiences another warehouse explosion, TikTok and Lazada launch AI

Amazon FBA faces warehouse explosion, while TikTok and Lazada unveil AI in cross-border weekly report

Lazada launches e-commerce chatbot, AI enters cross-border e-commerce circle

Recently, Lazada announced the launch of LazzieChat, an e-commerce AI chatbot, the first in Southeast Asia to be supported by OpenAI ChatGPT technology.

Specifically, LazzieChat can use Lazada’s artificial intelligence technology and platform, plus Azure OpenAI service’s natural language function, to understand users’ questions and provide related products or topics that users may be interested in. Now LazzieChat can intelligently reply to user questions, act as a personal shopper, provide personalized recommendations and product recommendations, and to some extent help users optimize their shopping experience.

For sellers, the launch of the chatbot LazzieChat is a great advantage, as it is like a 24-hour online official robotic customer service. As long as the product meets consumers’ needs, LazzieChat will recommend relevant products, and sellers can improve the visibility of their products without much cost.

TikTok strategic adjustment! Focusing on English-speaking markets and restructuring its business

It is reported that TikTok’s strategic shift has led to a restructuring of its European e-commerce business in mid-April. All employees working in Spain were told that they needed to move to London. After relocation, they will receive flight subsidies for two trips home per month and six months of rent for their new home.

ByteDance hopes to promote social e-commerce as the mainstream shopping model in Western markets, as it has proven to be feasible on TikTok’s sister app Douyin, which has sold over 10 billion products.

Amazon FBA warehouse overload, sellers may face stockout crisis

On May 1st this year, Amazon launched new rules for warehouse reservations in order to effectively regulate various logistic problems. Perhaps affected by the implementation of the new rules, Amazon’s warehouses in many parts of the United States have experienced a series of problems, including serious overflow and delayed delivery, which have had a severe impact on the inventory plans of many sellers.

With the trend of the regularization of cross-border logistics, sellers should also be cautious when choosing logistics service providers as partners and minimize risks.

For Amazon, this is also an important adjustment and improvement aimed at improving logistics efficiency and service quality. As for sellers, they need to adjust their business plans in a timely manner, communicate with customers, and ensure that the goods can be delivered on time. At the same time, sellers are advised to use other logistics methods or choose other warehouses for storage and distribution.

TikTok is testing an AI chatbot named Tako

According to the function screenshots shared by The Verge, TikTok is testing an AI chatbot named Tako, which can recommend videos based on the questions people ask. If TikTok eventually widely promotes this chatbot, it may “completely change search and navigation in the application.” In the test screenshots shared by Buchuk and The Verge, Tako is located above the TikTok profile icon on the right side of the video. Clicking on it will open a chat screen, and it appears that the chatbot can answer a wide range of questions. It is currently unclear what AI model TikTok uses to support Tako.

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