Giant Interactive – TikTok Overseas Account – What are the analysis tools for TikTok?

Analysis tools for TikTok's Giant Interactive account?

In 2023, TikTok has reached a monthly active user count of 1.5 billion globally. In such a rapidly growing short-video social media platform, many businesses have registered and started operating accounts. So, how can we operate our account effectively? In this case, we need some professional data analysis tools to assist us efficiently.

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1. Analisa

Analisa is a platform that provides data analysis for TikTok and Instagram influencers. The platform’s report for influencers is comprehensive, and it can trace the overall performance of the account from the early stage of operation to the recent one. Moreover, the report analyzes the account operation situation from different dimensions, provides information overview of influencers, fan number statistics, authenticity analysis of followers, the activity tracking of 7 days X 24 hours, content analysis including commonly used tags and words, as well as competitive analysis.

2. Pentos

The biggest feature of Pentos is that it allows users to track and analyze videos or video music. Currently, most platforms only support the analysis of influencers or tags. Currently, on TikTok, many users use “challenges” as a way of propagation, and many music matches similar video content. The ability to track and analyze songs and videos is a very convenient function, which can classify these contents into categories and enable users to track these hot spots more conveniently.

3. SocialTracker

SocialTracker is a platform for analyzing social media accounts. In addition to TikTok influencers, SocialTracker also includes influencers from large social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and generates analysis reports for individual influencers. This platform provides industry indicators,

Comparing the values of our streamer with industry benchmarks, you can see their performance. At the same time, SocialTracker tracks important indicators of the streamer, recording the daily increase in followers, likes, and video views, and provides related charts so that users can easily see the trends of the streamer’s important indicators.

4. TikTok Analytic

TikTok Analytic is a free website where you can search for any TikTok account and view their profile, statistics, latest videos, and total number of followers. The website also displays the account’s level of activity, number of uploaded videos, and average values in graphical format, making it a good evaluation tool for judging influencers or account advertising value.

5. InfluencerGrid

InfluencerGrid is a tool for analyzing influencer data on social media, which can be used to analyze data of TikTok influencers, including number of followers, engagement rate, and audience location.

6. Tikmeta

Tikmeta has comprehensive data coverage, including TikTok popular streamers ranking, video ranking, live broadcast and sales ranking, and advertising selection. It is a comprehensive TikTok data analysis platform with clear data indicators. It can be used for free and comes with a free tool extension – Tikmeta Insight. With just one click, you can support watermark-free, real-time viewing of TikTok popularity and data, and capture popular trends for video analysis. However, it currently only supports Chinese and English.

7. TikTok for Business

Established by TikTok, it is a platform for advertisers and influencers to collaborate on advertising on TikTok. Businesses can use this platform to search for influencers that meet certain criteria, such as region, category, and number of followers. At the same time, the platform can provide brief analysis of influencers’ information, such as fan portraits, growth trends, and best performance data analysis.

8. Tikstar

Tikstar is a short video analysis platform that can help merchants manage multiple accounts in groups and export account data in real-time so that merchants can have a clearer understanding of their account operations. In addition, this tool can provide merchants with e-commerce product selection and analysis, as well as multi-condition filtering for benchmarking ads.

9. GugeeData

GugeeData is mainly used to analyze the popularity of TikTok from both the video and blogger dimensions, and can also monitor changes in user data.

TikTok analysis tools can provide you with better convenience and help you operate better. The above is the content that Giant Interactive has learned through relevant information about TikTok analysis tools, and we hope that these introductions to TikTok analysis tools can bring you some help and understanding~

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