Hot Trends | TikTok with 154 billion plays, Google Trends breaks 5000% heat, Mermaid Aesthetics sweeps social media

Hot trends TikTok has 154B plays, Google Trends up 5000%, Mermaid Aesthetics popular on social media

With the release of “The Little Mermaid,” mermaid aesthetics have become popular overseas.

If you were to ask what the most discussed topic overseas recently is, the live-action adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” would definitely be one of them.

Image source: Disney’s live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” film excerpts

The Little Mermaid’s lively, innocent, brave pursuit of freedom and love has won the hearts of audiences at home and abroad, making it a childhood “moonlight” for many people. Therefore, since the announcement of the cast for the live-action film, it has received attention worldwide.

The animated version of “The Little Mermaid” is a childhood memory for many people.

On May 26th, the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” was released in the United States. The Google Trends search popularity skyrocketed, with related keywords showing a “Breakout” status (meaning that the Google Trends search popularity has exceeded 5000%).

Image source: Google Trends

Sensitive sellers should realize that popularity means business opportunities. Yes, whether it is due to sentiment or chasing trends, major social media platforms have sparked the “mermaid style”, and products containing mermaid or ocean elements have become popular with the release of the film.

How popular is this “mermaid style”? It’s so popular that there is already a dedicated adjective on the internet-“Mermaidcore”.


“Mermaid aesthetics” are popular on TikTok

Image source: TikTok

As of May 30th, on TikTok, videos related to mermaid core have received 15.4 billion views, the related tag #mermaid has received 15.1 billion views, and #mermaidcore has received over 210 million views and is still rapidly increasing in popularity.

Source: TikTok

So, which products have been trending with this “mermaid aesthetic”? After analysis, Shoptop has found that home goods, trendy accessories, beauty products, women’s clothing and shoes with elements such as shells, pearls, glitter, crystals, and sequins are very popular. Most videos show the process of making handmade items and trying on accessories. Sellers in these related fields can take inspiration from this trend.

Source: TikTok

One blogger demonstrated their handmade seashell candle, which received 15.2 million views and 2.1 million likes. Commenters encouraged the blogger to start selling the candles, saying they would definitely buy one.

Source: Etsy

The DIY seashell candle even has its own hashtag, #shellcandle. Users are sharing their process of making seashell candles and posting links to their shops or platforms on their page. As shown in the picture, one handmade seashell candle is selling for $9 on Etsy.

Source: TikTok

With just three pictures, a hair clip in the shape of a seashell received 2.3 million views in a video (this blogger’s usual view count is around 5,000). Commenters are asking to buy it, putting pressure on the manufacturers in Yiwu.

Source: TikTok

Mermaid tails, popular among scuba divers, are also a niche and high-priced category. As shown in the video, a scuba diver demonstrates their custom-made mermaid tail and then films themselves swimming with other divers in mermaid and scuba gear.

With the arrival of summer, diving has gradually become a popular vacation choice for overseas consumers. The price of customized silicone mermaid tails ranges from two to tens of thousands of dollars, suitable for creating independent branded websites and taking a boutique route.

Image source: mermaidlucia

Small accessories with ocean, mermaid, and seashell elements have also become popular on TikTok. This homemade jellyfish keychain is sold for $30 on the blogger’s independent website, and the same series of earrings are sold for $45.

Image source: TikTok

Seventeen, a foreign fashion website, explains the reason for the popularity of the “mermaid trend” as follows: “The Internet’s obsession with mermaid-inspired fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, and hairstyle trends is expected to grow with the full arrival of summer. Mermaidcore trends overlap with other top TikTok fashion trends, making it easy to combine. It has the charm of pearls, ruffles, and bows; shells and low-waist skirts from the Y2K revival period; and sequins from the disco craze of the 1970s. There are small mermaid pattern T-shirts and pearl-adorned sandals suitable for summer casual wear, seashell bikini tops, shiny jumpsuits suitable for beach days, and everything mermaid fashion enthusiasts may want.”

Can’t imagine the specific picture from these descriptions? No problem, Shoptop has compiled a selection of products that meet the “mermaid aesthetic” for you this summer.


Product Suggestions for “Mermaid Aesthetic”

Image source: Pinterest

Aside from TikTok’s mermaid-related hashtags, Pinterest is also a great source for product inspiration. When searching for “Mermaidcore” in the Pinterest search bar, related categories such as clothing, nails, makeup, home decor, jewelry, fashion, and hairstyles will appear in the top menu bar.

By browsing these categories, sellers can find Pin images that are more suitable for their own product categories, which can serve as product inspiration or new product development ideas.

Image source: Instagram

Instagram also has related hashtags, but without specific categories. However, hovering the mouse over the images will display the number of likes and comments, allowing sellers to intuitively feel which products are more attractive to overseas consumers and are more popular.

In addition to searching for keywords on regular social media platforms, sellers in the women’s fashion, shoes, bags, and beauty industries can also follow fashion websites’ reviews and blog posts. These media outlets often capture the latest trends and can provide detailed interpretations of everything from celebrity dresses to major brand new product lines.

Recently, the red carpet dresses worn by celebrities have included elements of the “mermaid aesthetic”. Image source: GETTY

Just as there are “Yang Mi-style” and “Zhao Lusi-style” in China, after overseas female celebrities’ red carpet dresses became popular, the same elements will also appear in seasonal fashion, shoes, and bags. As shown in the picture, pearls, sequins, ruffles, chiffon, and fishtail elements will be popular in the summer of 2023.

In “The Mermaid Aesthetic Is Already Ruling Summer 2023” published in May by Harper’s Bazaar, Siboni said, “The days of the dazzling pink dominating are numbered. The sunset color has always been popular, but people are tired of it- now they are turning to blue.” She predicts that the next vacation season will see a wave of light green, sky blue, and cobalt blue.

The most recognizable “mermaid” style is also the most suitable for parties. Siboni said, “This summer, all-over sequins will continue to be popular. If you can’t choose the boldest sequin mini skirt, applying a layer of smaller sequins can also achieve this sparkling effect.”

“Mermaid aesthetics” related products are very suitable for attracting traffic on social media platforms and selling on independent stations. Choosing a theme template that conforms to the aesthetic standards of overseas consumers is very important.

Image source: Shoptop free template

It is a universal theme adapted to independent stations in all industries going overseas, which can greatly reduce website decoration time and costs for merchants, provide customers with a smooth shopping experience, and promote personalized brand globalization, thereby improving user retention and increasing conversion rates.

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