Indonesian e-commerce platforms have raised their sales costs, let’s take a look at the latest cost details

Indonesian e-commerce platforms increase sales costs

According to BusinessDialogue, Shopee increased seller fees on December 29, 2022; Tokopedia announced an increase on January 2; Bukalapak announced an increase on January 16; Lazada announced an increase on April 24. The fee structures for sellers on various e-commerce platforms, including TikTokShop, have been adjusted, and the commission rates for different categories are also different.


The category sales commission rates for TikTokShop Indonesia, effective from June 1, are as follows:

Mobile phones and electronic products 1.9%

Home appliances 1.9%

Electronic accessories 4.3%

Computers and office equipment 2.7%

Virtual products (such as recharges and bill payments) 1%

Books, magazines, and music 4.3%

Beauty products 4.3%

Personal care 4.3%

Health products 3.6%

Food and beverages 2.7%

Alcohol and beverages 2.7%

Maternity and baby products 2.7%

Fashion and children’s products 4.3%

Home products 3.6%

Kitchen utensils 3.6%

Furniture 3.6%

Textiles and soft furnishings 3.6%

Pet supplies 2.7%

Collectibles 3.2%

Toys and hobbies 3.2%

Home renovation 3.6%

Cars and motorcycles 3.6%

Tools and hardware equipment 3.6%


The definition of product category classification in Lazada is as follows:

Class A: Audio, luggage and travel bags, men’s bags, children’s bags, women’s bags, care and beauty, sleep equipment, camera and drone accessories, computer accessories, mobile phone accessories, household and furniture appliances, tableware and kitchenware, health, clothing and men’s shoes, women’s clothing and footwear, sports and outdoors, smart devices, food and beverages, books and stationery, maternal and infant products, fashion accessories, cars

Category B: Audio, computer accessories, games and consoles, smart watch accessories

Category C: Hobbies and games, health, household items, mother and child, pets, stationery and crafts

Category D: Cameras and drones, computers and accessories, lens accessories, mobile phones and accessories, electronic products and accessories, cars, fashion accessories

Category E: Computers and accessories, food and beverages, health, mother and baby, stationery and accessories

Specific fees:

For regular sellers: payment handling fee is 1.83% and different sales fees are charged for different categories. The specific rates are as follows:

Category A: 2.18%

Category B and C: 1.38%

Category D and E: 0.98%

For super sellers: includes 1.82% payment handling fee, super seller plan fee, sales fees, and different sales fees are charged for different categories. The specific rates are as follows:

Category A: 2.18%

Category B and C: 1.38%

Category D and E: 0.98%

Lazmall: payment handling fee and sales fees are 1.82%, and the sales fees for each category are as follows:

Category A: 6.5%

Category B and C: 4.5%

Category D and E: 2.5%


The category classification of Shopee is as follows:

Group A: Fashion, electronic products (appliances), daily necessities, mobile phone accessories, sports and outdoors, cars, etc.

Group B: Electronic products (electronic equipment, media players, game consoles, cameras, computer equipment), cars, etc.

Group C: Electronic products (additional electronic equipment, mobile phone accessories), daily necessities (health, food and beverages, mother and baby products), pet supplies, hobbies and collectibles, computer accessories, etc.

Group D: Fashion Accessories (Precious Metal Jewelry), Electronic Products (Home Appliances, Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices, Cameras, Computer Equipment)

Group E: Electronic Products (Other electronic devices and computer accessories), Daily Necessities (Other Food and Beverage and Maternal and Child Supplies), etc.

The sales rates for sellers of different categories and levels are as follows:


Details of Tokopedia’s Free Shipping Service Fee:

The free shipping service fee for the three types of Tokopedia sellers is 4%, but the monthly sales volume for different types of sellers is also different.

Tokopedia Category Sales Fee Adjustment

In addition to the free shipping service fee, Tokopedia has also increased the sales fees for different sellers in different categories. The specific situation is as follows:

Explanation of category classification:

Group 1: Books, Kitchenware, Electronic Products, Children and Baby Fashion, Muslim Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Mobile Phones and Tablets, Maternal and Child Supplies, Cameras, Beauty, Toys and Hobbies, Food and Beverage, Office Stationery, Sports, Cars, Body Care, Parties and Handicrafts, Woodworking, Other Products, Home Supplies, Tourism and Weddings.

Group 2: Kitchenware, Electronic Products, Movies and Music, Games, Maternal and Child Supplies, Cameras, Health, Computers and Laptops, Toys and Hobbies, Food and Beverage, Office Stationery, Cars, Pet Care, Parties and Handicrafts, Woodworking.

Group 3: Kitchenware, Electronic Products, Children and Baby Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Games, Mobile Phones and Tablets, Maternal and Child Supplies, Cameras, Beauty, Computers and Laptops, Precious Metals, Food and Beverage, Sports, Cars, Woodworking, Real Estate.

Category 4: Mobile phones and tablets

Category 5: Cars


Bukalapak charges sales fees to merchants in different categories as follows:

Category A: 2%

Category B: 1.5%

Regular merchants (non-super sellers) also need to pay a transaction fee of 1%.

The explanation of category classification is as follows:

Category A includes: motorcycles, bicycles, industrial products, household items, mobile phones, electronic products, computers, cameras, children’s fashion, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, food, hobbies and collections, health, precious metals, sports, personal care, home cleaning, baby products, office supplies, tickets, and vouchers.

Category B includes: motorcycles, mobile phones, electronic products, computers, and cameras.

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