Reduce failed deliveries with Lazada’s new QOD payment system; TikTok Shop aims to become a leader in the Southeast Asian market; Lazada Vietnam’s e-commerce market has surpassed its hot growth phase

Lazada's QOD payment system reduces failed deliveries; TikTok Shop aims for SE Asia leadership; Lazada Vietnam's e-commerce market passed hot growth phase

01 Reducing Failed Deliveries, Lazada Launches QOD Payment

Following COD (Cash on Delivery), Lazada has launched QOD (QRIS on Delivery) service in Indonesia to optimize user delivery experience.

“The existence of QRIS on Delivery makes package delivery more efficient and secure. Customers only need to scan and pay according to the amount to be paid, and the courier can deliver the package to the customer faster,” said Ferry Kusnowo, Managing Director of Lazada Indonesia.

QOD is a new payment method offered by Lazada, which is a supplement for consumers who like to use cash on delivery.

When using QOD payment, consumers will immediately use various digital wallets or mobile banking applications available in Indonesia to make payments when the package arrives. The courier will provide the QOD option when delivering the goods to the consumer.

Reports indicate that this payment method can reduce delivery failures caused by consumers not having or forgetting to prepare cash when the courier arrives.

02 Lazada COO:

Vietnam E-commerce Has Passed Its Hot Growth Phase

In recent years, Vietnam’s digital economy has achieved remarkable and stable growth, partly due to the explosive growth of the e-commerce industry, which accounts for more than 60% of the value of Vietnam’s digital economy.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that e-commerce will become one of the leading fields in the digital economy, injecting new energy into economic development and leading digital transformation of enterprises.

Although there is still great potential, Lazada said that Vietnam’s e-commerce has passed its hot growth phase.

The Covid-19 pandemic was an important turning point.

Pham Thi Quynh Trang, COO of Lazada Vietnam, said that during the peak of the epidemic, the number of sellers on the e-commerce platform doubled compared to before.

“After the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of sellers on Lazada immediately entered a period of rapid growth. Specifically, the number of sellers increased by 84% in the first seven months before 2022, and the number of new sellers and sellers with orders both increased by double digits. This proves that e-commerce has entered a stage of stable development after Covid-19,” said Ms. Trang.

However, she added that the hot growth period of the e-commerce market has passed. “Currently, all businesses must examine their business strategies to enter the development stage in a sustainable and stable manner,” said Ms. Trang.

In Ms. Trang’s view, the “cake” of the e-commerce market is still very large, and opportunities will still be given to those who want to enter the market. “Benign competition will create motivation for all e-commerce platforms,” said Ms. Trang.

The new situation requires new thinking, and the competition issues of e-commerce companies must focus on sustainable development models rather than just short-term indicators or price competition.

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