Magic Toys go viral on TikTok, receiving over 2 billion views

'Magic Toys on TikTok get 2+ billion views'

Weekly Cross-border Highlights Selection May. Week4

Top 15 Categories with the Fastest Growing Order Volume in Global E-commerce in 2022

Recently, InsiderMonkey has compiled a list of the 15 categories with the fastest growing order volume in global e-commerce in 2022.

The data shows that the top-ranked category is electric tool accessories, with a global order growth rate of 23,418%; the second is pet dog toys, with a global order growth rate of 13,357%.

Clothing and footwear products have a global order growth rate of 8,877%. In addition to the usual clothing and footwear products, unique styles such as Halloween and themed parties are also popular.

Laptop batteries have a global order growth rate of 8,305%. Laptops have become an essential product in people’s lives and studies, so there is a great demand for laptop batteries. The average monthly search volume in 2022 is 22,000 times.

Amazon India Raises Multiple Fees, Sellers Struggle to Cope

Recently, Amazon India announced that it will raise the commission fees for multiple categories on its platform, including beauty and personal care, clothing, electronics, groceries, and drugs. The new rates will take effect from May 31, 2023.

(Image source: Cheung Kong Fung Heung)

From the category perspective, the commission for non-prescription drugs has increased the most. For non-prescription drugs below 500 rupees, the sales commission will jump from 5.5% to 12%; for non-prescription drugs above 500 rupees, the commission will be charged at 15% of the sales price.

Aside from increasing sales commission for certain categories, Amazon has also raised the cost of return fees for sellers.

The new fee structure will divide sellers into four tiers based on their completed order quantity, customer feedback, reviews, and returns, including Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Premium, with different fees for different levels. Meanwhile, Amazon has also increased the cost of long-term storage for products.

(Image source: )

“Moody toy” becomes a hit! 2.6 billion TikTok views

Earlier this year, a “moody toy” called Lato-lato suddenly became popular on TikTok, not only attracting many users to follow suit but also becoming a phenomenon-level toy in Southeast Asia.

The toy is balanced using a string between two wooden or plastic balls, and produces a distinct and unique sound when swung up and down by the player.

In January of this year, an Indonesian blogger on TikTok, @asrinal_dj8, showcased a new way to play with Lato-lato in a video.

So far, the video has received over 48.4 million views and more than 1.7 million likes, with over 30,000 comments.

(Image source: TikTk-_okg)

Currently, on TikTok, the related hashtag #latolato has reached 2.8 billion views, and many Lato-lato enthusiasts share various new ways to play with the toy in this tag.

(Image source: TikTk-_okg)

Surging in popularity! “LED Buugeng” gains millions of views on TikTok

The programmable LED Buugeng with a folding design can be easily folded and put into a backpack. Specially developed production materials make them durable and reliable. Users can upload their own patterns, colors, and effects, edit timelines, and the foldable design is more durable and reliable.

(Image source: Dida Dog)

The video posted by @visuaaysis8 on TikTok on April 4th received 20.9 million views, 1.1 million likes, 11,000 shares, and an exposure rate of 14,749.5%.

In the video, the performer uses hand movements to continuously rotate and display dazzling performances with LED lights. The design and movement of Buugeng create a fascinating visual effect.

The following video is from Dida Dog Data

(Video source: Tik Tok-_okg)

Buugeng can not only be used for performances, but also as a form of entertainment and relaxation. Related tags #buugeng has received 230 million views, and #buugengflow has received nearly 60 million views.

Google infiltrates its latest AI language model into advertising business

According to reports, the US technology giant Google is integrating its latest generative artificial intelligence technology into its product lineup, and internal documents show that Google’s online advertising business is the latest integrated department.

At the same time, multiple product teams within Google are preparing to use this language model, including allowing advertisers to quickly create their media content, and on YouTube, suggesting what kind of content video creators should create.

Google said that at the conference, advertisers will see Google’s AI-based advertising solutions, which will enrich the advertising experience and bring better marketing returns in today’s economic environment.

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