Facebook Product Update | Meta Officially Begins to Improve Website Conversion Ads Series

Meta improves website conversion ads series on Facebook

Starting from May 15th, 2023, Meta will begin to improve its website conversion advertising series. Specifically, there are three key changes: 1. In website conversion optimization and value optimization, the restriction of optimizing only 8 events will be removed. Advertisers no longer need to set 8 priority conversion events for each domain of website conversion optimization, and both Android and iOS14.5+ users can optimize for any number of conversion events. Advertisers no longer need to enable and use the value optimization product after setting up the product group. Meta will remove the All Events Measurement tab in the event management tool because it is no longer necessary to set 8 conversion events for each domain of the website conversion advertising series. 2. The domain verification requirement for event configuration is eliminated. Advertisers no longer need to verify domains in the Business Manager tool for the purpose of event configuration. However, it is still recommended to verify domains for the purposes listed here. 3. The requirement to select a conversion domain at the ad level is eliminated. Advertisers no longer need to select a conversion domain at the ad level when creating ads in the Ads Manager tool, which will further simplify the ad creation process. Help Center documentation: All Events Measurement on Meta FAQs 1 Q: Does the removal of the All Events Measurement tab mean that All Events Measurement is completely discontinued? A: No. All Events Measurement is still Meta’s data processing protocol, which can both respect users’ choices about how their data is used and provide data for advertisers to measure ad performance. Users can decide how their data is used on and off the Meta platform through data use controls. FAQs 2 Q: If Meta wants to remove the event-level restrictions in website conversion advertising series without violating Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy, how can this update be achieved? A: Apple has published public guidance on ATT, which can be found here. Meta believes that its solution meets the requirements of ATT. This update also brings Meta’s website conversion solution in line with platforms that did not initially introduce event-level restrictions. FAQs 3 Q: What contribution does the evolution of AI models make to this update? A: Considering changes in the advertising ecosystem, Meta is creating AI models that can help fill in incomplete or missing data for Meta’s delivery and measurement systems without relying too much on individual-level data. FAQs 4 Q: What does this update mean for value optimization advertising series? A: When using value optimization, advertisers no longer need to set up 4 purchase events (outside the 8 event threshold to be eliminated in this update), nor do they need to turn on the value optimization switch in the event management tool.

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