Morning Post on Overseas News | Meta Launches Open-Source AI Project MMS Supporting Text and Voice Interconversion in 1,100 Languages; TikTok Restructures E-commerce Department to Focus on the English and American Markets

Meta launches open-source AI project MMS supporting text and voice interconversion in 1,100 languages TikTok restructures e-commerce department to focus on English and American markets

Media Platform News

Support for 1100 Languages Text-to-Speech Conversion, Meta Launches Open Source AI Project MMS

Meta has launched the Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) project, providing advanced language-to-text and text-to-speech services for more than 1100 languages, and supporting nearly 4000 untagged spoken languages. Meta integrates self-supervised learning work wav2vec2.0 and a new dataset for the MMS project. It was found that MMS outperforms existing models and supports 10 times more languages.

The key to Meta’s achievement is the introduction of a large audio dataset, which includes readings of more than 1100 new testament content in various languages. Meta says the resulting voice models perform equally well in male and female voices after integrating the audio dataset.

TikTok restructures e-commerce division, focuses on UK and US markets

TikTok is restructuring its e-commerce business to refocus on markets such as the UK and US. Staff responsible for launching TikTok Shop in Brazil are being moved to markets where the service has already been launched, such as the UK, US, and Southeast Asia. In addition, Joe Jiao, formerly responsible for e-commerce in Spain, has recently been promoted to run e-commerce for small businesses in the UK.

WhatsApp will allow users to edit messages sent within 15 minutes

WhatsApp, an instant messaging software under Meta, announced on May 22 that it is launching a message editing feature. Users can modify the content of a message within 15 minutes after it is sent. The edited message will have a “edited” label next to it, but the editing history will not be displayed. This feature is expected to be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Meta Plans to Launch New Text-Centric App

According to a source from Bloomberg, Meta plans to launch its new text-centric application in June. The application has been in a secret trial period for several months and was only open to selected celebrities, content creators, and influencers. Lia Haberman released the first screenshot of the application description, indicating that it may eventually compete with Twitter.

However, the company has not responded to Reuters’ request for comment on this topic and to learn more about this application. Although the name of this application is currently unknown, application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi revealed a few weeks ago on his Twitter account that the application Meta is developing is called “Barcelona” and is defined as “Instagram for your thoughts.”

WhatsApp to Launch Sticker Creation Tool Soon

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new update that will allow users to create stickers in the application. This update is currently under development and has not yet been released for testing. WaBetaInfo stated: “This feature uses iOS 16 API to extract themes from images and then automatically convert them into stickers in the application.” The sticker tool will be provided in the chat share action sheet. Users will be able to select photos from their gallery, and WhatsApp will provide them with some editing tools, including the ability to delete the background.

Overseas Market Trends

Cross-border e-commerce companies have stable fundamentals and the rapid iteration of generative AI application technology will also bring new opportunities

Guosen Securities’ research report on May 23 stated that the performance of cross-border e-commerce has stabilized and improved, and new opportunities for industry development should be seized. Overall, foreign trade exports have had a stable start this year, and international freight rates have fallen, which has led to stable fundamentals for cross-border e-commerce companies. In the future, the growth of foreign trade exports along the Belt and Road and the rapid iteration of generative AI application technology will also bring new opportunities.

eBay Ads releases the spring/summer 2023 guide, demand for home and garden supplies is on the rise

Recently, eBay Ads released the spring/summer 2023 guide. According to the survey, Americans have an increased demand for home and garden supplies during the spring and summer seasons, and eBay is one of their preferred purchasing channels. The survey showed that over 72% of respondents plan to spend a lot of time in their yards or outdoor spaces during this year’s spring and summer seasons, which means that the demand for home and garden supplies will increase during this time. Over half (57%) of respondents plan to purchase garden supplies, including turf, grass, plants, bulbs, and seeds; 45% plan to purchase home or garden decorations, including lanterns, fairy lights, decorations, candles, wind chimes, pillows, and carpets; and 35% plan to purchase new furniture, including hammocks, fire pits, and patio sets.

Shopee sales growth exceeds 30%, summer products such as sunscreen and cooling appliances are popular in Southeast Asia

Recently, extreme high temperatures in some Southeast Asian countries have led to a surge in sales of summer products such as sunscreen and cooling appliances. Shopee said that more and more people are searching for sunglasses and hats on the platform to prevent sunburn, and there has also been a significant increase in the search volume of household appliances such as air coolers, fans, and portable air conditioners. The spokesperson said: “In the past two months, sales of sunscreen have also increased by 30% to 40%. Shopee is working closely with sellers to ensure a stable supply of these products to our consumers.”

Cross-border e-commerce news

TEMU opens new sites in Austria and Mexico

TEMU platform opened two new national sites in Austria and Mexico on May 18. So far, TEMU has opened sites in 12 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Spain. According to the TEMU backstage, the Austrian and Mexican sites are also included in the site list.

TikTok Shop Saudi Arabia welcomes Eid al-Adha sale

Saudi Arabia is about to hold its annual most important festival, Eid al-Adha. This is also the first platform promotion event for TikTok Shop’s cross-border e-commerce full hosting mode after its official launch – TikTok Shop Eid al-Adha sale. The event will last for 42 days from May 18th to June 28th. It is understood that Eid al-Adha is one of the traditional shopping peaks, and people will buy clothing, electronics, and various Eid al-Adha special products to celebrate the festival. Clothing and gifts are the first choice for consumers, and children’s and baby products are also receiving attention.

Overseas Gaming Updates

<h1 id="In April, the global mobile game downloads TOP10: "Subway Surfers" ranked first, "Honkai Impact 3" ranked fifth

Sensor Tower released the TOP10 global popular mobile game downloads for April 2023. In April, the global mobile games were downloaded more than 4.56 billion times on the App Store and Google Play, a month-on-month increase of nearly 1%.

“Subway Surfers” was downloaded nearly 18.2 million times, ranking first on the download list. India contributed 21.6% of the downloads, while Brazil and the United States accounted for 8.3% and 6.5% respectively. Garena’s FPS game “Free Fire” was downloaded nearly 18 million times, ranking second. India contributed 22.6% of the downloads, while Indonesia and Brazil accounted for 16.8% and 8.2% respectively.

The other three games in the top five are “Roblox,” King’s “Candy Crush Saga,” and miHoYo’s “Honkai Impact 3.”

India ranks first in the download rankings, with 860 million downloads, accounting for 18.9% of the total global downloads. Brazil is second with 8.1% of the downloads, and the United States ranks third with 7.8%.

Recently, the Korea Game Self-Regulatory Association (GSOK) publicly listed a batch of 16 game products in April that had not been disclosed or fully disclosed in terms of probability extraction in the Korean market, including EA and Valve. A total of more than 10 game companies and 16 game products were “listed,” of which 11 games were published by Chinese companies.

As a civil organization responsible for probability disclosure in the Korean market, GSOK has actually been releasing similar list announcements every month for many years, naming and warning some game companies operating in Korea to comply with industry self-regulation standards as much as possible and complete probability disclosure.

On the afternoon of February 27th this year, through a vote at a plenary session, the South Korean National Assembly finally passed the amendment to the “Game Industry Promotion Act”. The main content of the amendment that was discussed repeatedly before is the probability issue of in-game item supply. The new amendment stipulates that game companies must publicly disclose relevant supply probability information when producing and distributing game products.

Although the amendment has not yet officially come into effect (at the end of February next year), for domestic game companies, they should pay attention to GSOK’s monthly announcements and warning functions.

Microsoft clears another obstacle for the acquisition of Blizzard: US court rejects players’ class action lawsuit

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard still needs to overcome many challenges, one of which is relatively easy: the lawsuit filed by game players who are worried that Microsoft will change the “Call of Duty” game to be exclusive to Xbox. A US federal judge rejected these players’ request to stop Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Last Friday, May 19th, there were leaks that the National Market Supervision Administration has “unconditionally approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $67.8 billion” in the third phase of the review.

Subsequently, Microsoft confirmed this news to many media outlets such as IGN and The Verge. In the response sent to the media, Microsoft stated that with China unconditionally approving Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the total number of countries and regions that have approved the acquisition globally has reached 37, including major markets such as Japan and Europe, covering a population of over 2 billion.

Microsoft breaks barriers, Xbox games to land on Boosteroid cloud gaming platform

According to reports, Microsoft continues to extend its games to more cloud gaming services, providing gamers with more platform freedom and choice. Following its recent partnership with NVIDIA to bring Xbox games to Ge Force NOW, Microsoft today announced that its Xbox games will also be brought to Boosteroid, a cloud gaming service provider based in Ukraine.

Xbox games will be launched on Boosteroid on June 1, allowing players from Ukraine, the UK, the US, and EU countries to play games such as “Deathloop,” “Gears 5,” “Grounded,” and “Pentiment.” Although there are only four games, Microsoft stated that this is just the beginning, and more games from the company and its studios will land on Boosteroid and other platforms in the future.

Overseas application dynamics

Chat GPT tops the free App rankings in the iOS US store

Chat GPT tops the free App rankings in the iOS US store. According to reports, Chat GPT Plus subscription users can enjoy the GPT-4 system, priority access, and faster response time on their mobile phones. In addition, this iOS app will expand to other countries or regions in the coming weeks, and Open AI also added that Chat GPT will soon appear on Android phones. It is understood that the Chat GPT app integrates Open AI’s open source speech recognition system Whisper, allowing users to input questions by voice. The Chat GPT app supports cross-device synchronization of the history log, but the history log of the web version and the app version are not interoperable. In addition, Open AI promises that the Chat GPT application will “soon” land on the Android platform.

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