Monthly active users increased by 315%? What is the charm of this niche overseas social media platform?

Monthly active users up by 315% - what makes this niche overseas social media platform so appealing?

Overseas mainstream social media platforms, I believe everyone is already very familiar with them. These platforms have a large number of users and are the first choice for most independent sellers to promote and attract traffic. However, many sellers believe that the competition on mainstream social media platforms is too fierce, and it is difficult for novice sellers to stand out. Therefore, they focus more on some emerging social media platforms.

In fact, emerging social media platforms are not uncommon overseas, but the platform’s visibility and traffic will be much lower relative to mainstream ones. BeReal is such a social media platform. For most sellers, BeReal should be quite unfamiliar, and many people may have never heard of it before. So what kind of social media platform is BeReal, and is it suitable for brand promotion?

Basic Information of BeReal

BeReal was born in 2020 and is a social media application from France. In July last year, BeReal had only 920,000 monthly active users, while in the first quarter of this year, BeReal’s monthly active users increased by 315%. Currently, the number of BeReal’s global monthly active users has exceeded 70 million.

As an emerging social media platform, BeReal’s followers are mainly concentrated in the younger generation, with 80% of users aged between 16 and 24. On the whole, the younger generation tends to have a stronger interest in new things.

How to Use BeReal

The purpose of BeReal is to encourage users to face their true selves, that is, to share daily photos without any filters or beauty effects on BeReal. In the era of the Internet, facing almost fraudulent beauty photos, people are becoming more and more keen to find authenticity and are naturally wary of high-quality images.

Against this backdrop, BeReal’s almost compulsory new gameplay has unexpectedly gained popularity. When users enter BeReal, they can become a BeReal user by setting a username, opening notifications, and enabling both front and rear cameras as required.

Every day thereafter, at any time of day, the program will send you a “Time to BeReal” notification. Within 2 minutes of receiving the notification, you need to take a photo and upload it.

Only after you’ve uploaded a photo as required can you browse through photos uploaded by other users and also comment on them using your own self-taken expression packs, which is different from other platforms.

How to use BeReal for brand marketing?

Relatively speaking, using BeReal for marketing is actually a somewhat difficult task because the upload time on BeReal is not controlled by the seller, so it’s relatively harder to manage content.

Our friendly advice: even if more than 2 minutes have passed, you can still take a photo, but it will be marked, which may raise questions from others.

However, under BeReal’s extremely unique gameplay, sellers will also find it easier to gain the trust of BeReal users. Therefore, sellers can use BeReal to showcase the production process of their products, the environment of their factories, and their daily work, among other things. These can help to bridge the gap between sellers and BeReal users, and increase user trust.

In addition, UGC content, such as finding loyal consumers and taking photos of unboxing or product usage, can also be promoted by sellers on BeReal.

BeReal is a relatively novel social media platform, but overall, it is not yet mature. We believe that sellers with ideas can try it out, but it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket.

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