Nanhang Logistics International Cargo Terminal is now in operation; TikTok Shop’s fully-hosted mode is now online

Nanhang Logistics Terminal & TikTok Shop's fully-hosted mode are now operational

1. China Southern Airlines Logistics International Cargo Station officially launched

On May 17th, China Southern Airlines Logistics International Cargo Station, as a customs-approved supervision site, officially began operations. Located in the A Island area of China Southern Airlines’ domestic cargo station, the International Cargo Station is a comprehensive logistics service area constructed after an international transformation based on the characteristics of air cargo logistics and optimizing the layout of cargo station resources. It is conducive to further smoothing the service guarantee channels for export cross-border e-commerce goods and providing complete and high-quality air-industry-chain services for many cross-border e-commerce enterprises, promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce trade in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Source: SF Express

2. China Merchants Group opens new international cargo route from Ningbo to Liege and Reykjavik

On May 17th, the international cargo flight from Ningbo to Liege and Reykjavik, operated by China Merchants Group, took off from the Lishe Airport in Ningbo. The B747-400F all-cargo aircraft carrying 112.6 tons of goods, including precision instruments, spare parts, and clothing, will transit in Liege, Belgium before flying to Keflavik Airport in Reykjavik, Iceland, marking the official launch of the international cargo route.

It is reported that the scheduled cargo flight operates once every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. After the opening of the route, the daily export volume of cross-border e-commerce goods at Ningbo Airport is expected to increase by about twice that of the first quarter, and it is expected to bring nearly 10,000 tons of cargo to Ningbo Airport throughout the year.

Source: China Merchants Group

3. Zhengzhou-Istanbul international cargo route officially launched

On May 17th, with the arrival of a full cargo plane from Turkish Airlines at Zhengzhou Airport, the newly opened Zhengzhou-Istanbul international cargo route successfully made its inaugural flight, further improving Zhengzhou Airport’s international cargo route network. It is reported that the Zhengzhou-Istanbul international cargo route, which was opened this time, plans to operate three flights a week, using the A330-200F aircraft. The opening of this route will not only enhance the economic and trade exchanges between China and Turkey, but also drive the economic and trade exchanges between Henan Province and countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” initiative. At the same time, it will further enhance Zhengzhou Airport’s radiation capacity to Europe, Africa, South America, and the Middle East region.

Source: Dahe Net

4. Maersk’s Port to Invest Nearly €1 Billion in Brazil

On May 17th, Keith Svendsen, CEO of Maersk’s port (APMT), promised to invest €962 million in Brazil by 2026 during his visit to Brazil. Of this investment, €296 million will be dedicated to the first phase of the Suape new port project, which is currently in the final stage of acquisition. APMT plans to strengthen the infrastructure of the port and enhance its competitiveness.

Source: Port Circle

5. SHOPLINE Logistics Launches Special Promotion for Canadian and Australian Small Packages

On May 17th, SHOPLINE Logistics launched a special promotion for small packages on its Canadian and Australian lines, with prices as low as 59RMB/KG for the Canadian line and 64RMB/KG for the Australian line. According to the “2023 Australian Online Shopping Report,” in 2022, 9.4 million Australian households spent AUD 63.8 billion on online shopping, accounting for over 18% of retail sales.

Source: SHOPLINE Independent Station

6. Shopee Adds Two Distribution Centers in Brazil

On May 17th, Shopee opened two new distribution centers in Brazil to strengthen its logistics network and reduce delivery time. The new centers are located in Salvador and Recife in northeastern Brazil, with areas of 6,000 and 10,000 square meters respectively. These two facilities will serve as fast transfer stations for goods reassignment under Shopee’s cross-docking model.

With the addition of two distribution centers, Shopee now has eight in Brazil, with the other six located in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Paraná. The company said all facilities can support the daily shipment of over 1.5 million packages for 3 million Brazilian sellers. Shopee said the two new distribution centers will increase the number of cities it serves by 40%, while reducing the average delivery time in northeastern Brazil. The delivery time for international orders is now up to 50 days, and up to 20 days for domestic orders in Brazil.

Source: Brazil Posts

7. TikTok Shop’s cross-border e-commerce full hosting model is officially launched

On May 17th, it was announced that TikTok Shop’s cross-border e-commerce full hosting model has been launched, and the full hosting model is now open for investment in the Saudi Arabian and British markets, with more markets to come. According to reports, TikTok Shop’s cross-border e-commerce full hosting model is committed to making it easy to sell quality products globally, allowing merchants to leverage their supply chain and product advantages to achieve worry-free overseas expansion.

This model supports settlement in local currency (RMB or USD) with no exchange rate risk; the platform operates uniformly, responsible for all logistics, customs clearance, and compliance throughout the whole process, and merchants only need to submit products and supply them; there is no need to submit platform commissions, deposits, traffic fees, entry fees, or overseas logistics and warehousing costs. TikTok Shop stated that it supports industrial and commercial integration with supply chain resources, factory-type merchants or traders who have the ability to steadily and continuously update and deliver products, and welcomes merchants with cross-border operation or cross-border channel supply experience to join.

Source: TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce

8. Mercado Libre’s net revenue in the first quarter of 2023 was 3 billion US dollars

On May 17th, Latin American e-commerce company Mercado Libre announced its financial performance report for the first quarter of 2023. In the first quarter, Mercado Libre’s net revenue was 3 billion US dollars, an increase of 58.4% year-on-year on a neutral basis; GMV was 9.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 43.3% year-on-year on a neutral basis; and earnings per share were 3.97 US dollars.

In terms of revenue, Mercado Libre’s net service revenue was 2.763 billion US dollars; net product revenue was 274 million US dollars. In the first quarter, Mercado Libre had 101 million active users on its platform, successfully sold 309 million items, and delivered 302 million items.

Source: E-commerce News

9. The world’s seventh largest 3PL completes a $924 million acquisition

On May 17th, Japan’s seventh largest 3PL, Yamato Transport, confirmed the acquisition of Cargo-Partner, a global logistics company headquartered in Austria. Yamato Transport stated that it will acquire Cargo-Partner and its subsidiaries for €845 million ($924 million) in cash, and will pay up to $607 million in cash based on the target company reaching specific financial thresholds. It is expected that the transaction will be completed between November of this year and May of next year, depending on various regulatory approval conditions.

Source: American Shipper


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