Morning News on Going Abroad | Nearly 60% of users make impulse purchases through TikTok short videos; US Father’s Day consumer spending is expected to reach $229 billion in 2023

Nearly 60% of TikTok users make impulse purchases; US Father's Day spending may reach $229B by 2023

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Media Platform Updates

Google improves chatbot Bard’s math skills by 30%, adds support for importing tables to Sheets

Google recently announced that it has further enhanced the capabilities of its AI chatbot, Bard, by improving its mathematical processing skills and adding support for importing tables to Sheets. According to Google, tables generated by Bard can be quickly imported into the Sheets application. As an example, Google said that users can ask Bard to generate a table of volunteer information for animal shelters and directly import it into Sheets. Google said that by enhancing Bard’s abilities, it can better handle mathematical operations and formula calculations, resulting in a 30% improvement in performance and better presentation effects.

Google Deep Mind releases new AI system to discover faster algorithms

According to foreign media reports, researchers from Google Deep Mind, Alphabet’s AI research lab, have released a new AI system that can improve the efficiency and sustainability of computing. Deep Mind says that this latest breakthrough, published in the scientific journal “Nature”, focuses on discovering faster computer algorithms. Computer algorithms are the foundation of software development and are used by businesses tens of trillions of times every day.

TikTok Australia monthly active users reach 8.5 million

Recently, TikTok announced for the first time its user scale in Australia. The data shows that TikTok Australia has 8.5 million monthly active users, which is equivalent to 30% of the total population of Australia, including 350,000 corporate accounts that conduct marketing through TikTok.

Overseas Market Trend

US Father’s Day spending in 2023 expected to reach $22.9 billion

According to a survey report released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, US Father’s Day spending will hit a historical high this year, expected to reach $22.9 billion. Last year’s spending was $20 billion, while in 2021 it was $20.1 billion. The survey found that three-quarters of US consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year, a number that has been consistent in recent years. On average, each consumer is expected to spend $196.23, higher than last year’s $171.79 and 2021’s $174.10.

Nearly 60% of users make impulse purchases through TikTok short videos

According to an analysis report by Blue Lotus Research, TikTok continues to grow rapidly in Southeast Asian countries, and the platform’s website transaction amount GMV is estimated to reach 20% of Shopee in 2023. Currently, there are about 135 million TikTok users in Southeast Asia, of which Indonesia has nearly 113 million users, second only to the United States, and has considerable market potential.

The head of DBS Bank’s telecommunications and network department, Sasin Mital, said that impulse shopping caused by watching video content is TikTok’s advantage. About 57% of TikTok users are inspired to buy products they see in videos, and there are also a lot of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt tags.

Cross-border e-commerce news

Reports indicate that TikTok is seeking to expand its global e-commerce business by more than three times to $20 billion.

According to reports, TikTok plans to expand its global e-commerce business by more than three times, aiming to reach $20 billion this year, while last year’s transaction total was $4.4 billion. Insiders said that TikTok is also working to expand sales in the United States and Europe, but these markets account for only a small portion of its $20 billion target. A TikTok spokesperson declined to comment on the company’s finances.

Temu may officially launch in Japan on June 22

According to reports, the overseas version of Pinduoduo, “Temu,” will launch on Japan’s website on June 22. Temu has purchased a large amount of air transportation capacity in the market and contacted e-commerce professionals in Japan. It is reported that Temu will initially enter Japan in small packages, and has already contacted a large number of logistics companies and entered the bidding stage. The initial focus will be on testing order processes and consumer feedback, and there is currently no clear external investment plan. The company will first test products from its existing European and American product libraries.

As of now, Temu has opened 12 sites in just 9 months, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, and Mexico.

Shopify promotes shopping app by spending money

Recently, Shopify announced a new reward program called “Shop Cash” in its shopping application “Shop”. Through this program, users can receive a 1% refund when using the Shop Pay online checkout service. After completing the checkout, users can see their refund rewards in the Shop Pay wallet of the Shop application and redeem it for their next purchase. It is reported that this program is fully funded by Shopify, and all eligible US merchants and shoppers can participate in the “Shop Cash” program and receive rewards in the future.

Similarweb: The total visit volume of Lazada/Shopee Southeast Asia sites in May was 657 million

Data analysis website Similarweb recently released the total visit volume (desktop + mobile) and related data of various e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia in May 2023. The total visit volume of Lazada/Shopee sites (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam) in May was 657 million, a decrease of 2% from the previous month’s 670 million, and a positive number of 3.1% last year.

Among them, the total visit volume of Lazada sites was 209.9 million, a decrease of 4.8% from the previous month; the total visit volume of Shopee sites was 447.1 million, a decrease of 0.6% from the previous month. In May, the visit volume data of both platforms in the Thai and Vietnamese markets increased, while other sites performed poorly. In addition, the month-on-month increase of Lazada Singapore site exceeded 10% (11.8%), but it did not surpass Amazon. This is also the first time that the visit volume data of Lazada Singapore site has been lower than Amazon for two consecutive months.

Overseas Gaming News

The new rules of the live streaming platform Twitch sparked strong protests from streamers and were subsequently removed, including mandatory advertising and exclusive content publishing

Amazon’s live streaming platform Twitch released new brand content guidelines yesterday, some of which sparked strong protests from streamers. Recently, Twitch announced that it will delete these controversial contents.

The focus of the controversy this time was on two aspects. The first is mandatory advertising. According to the new rules, streamers can only import small PR contents or logos designated by the official sponsor during live streaming, and the display ratio can only be up to 3% of the screen size at most. In addition, the official will completely prohibit embedded ads on the platform, meaning video, audio, or graphic ads displayed in an interrupting manner.

On the other hand, the new rules also require exclusive live streaming content, which means streamers cannot synchronize live streaming content on competing platforms such as YouTube Live or Mildom, which will directly reduce the income of many streamers.

In response to the strong protests from streamers, Twitch recently issued a statement stating that the new rules have affected the ability of streamers and sponsors to cooperate and generate revenue, which is not beneficial to both the streamers and Twitch. Therefore, these contents will be immediately deleted. At the same time, Twitch also stated that it will not prevent streamers from establishing direct relationships with sponsors and that streamers can continue to own and control their own sponsorship business.

Supercell delves deep into content marketing and launches the UP Creator Academy

Recently, Finnish mobile game giant Supercell has launched its latest creator operation plan “Creator Academy”. Unlike other KOL marketing plans, Supercell played a “developing system” and made helping game content creators improve their creative skills as the core purpose of the plan, providing free skill training to creators.

Rick Crane, head of the Supercell Creator Program, said that the reason for adopting this model is to help small and medium-sized creators grow: “I think many companies only focus on head creators, but Supercell’s purpose is to serve as many people as possible, and Supercell also agreed to my proposal.” The threshold for joining the program is not high. Creators only need to have 5000 YouTube subscribers, 3000 Twitch subscribers, or 15000 TikTok subscribers to apply for the Supercell Creators program.

Top grossing Chinese mobile game publishers in May: MiHoYo’s “Honkai Impact 3rd” sets a new revenue record

According to Sensor Tower, a store intelligence platform, a total of 43 Chinese manufacturers were included in the TOP100 global mobile game publishers’ revenue list in May 2023, with a total revenue of 2.1 billion US dollars, accounting for 42% of the TOP100 mobile game publishers’ revenue in this period. The detailed report is as follows.

Top 30 Chinese mobile game publishers by revenue:

With the card pool online on May 17, “Honkai Impact 3rd” achieved its second peak in daily revenue since its launch, with a May revenue that was 3.4 times that of April, becoming the highest-grossing mobile game product under MiHoYo. Although the launch of “Honkai Impact 3rd” has caused a certain degree of diversion of revenue from “Genshin Impact” in the short term, the two games ranked second and seventh on the global mobile game bestseller list in May, making the publisher’s revenue soar by 41% month-on-month, setting a new historical record, marking MiHoYo’s success in breaking through from game design to user circles.

On May 24th, 37 Interactive Entertainment launched the 3D traditional Chinese-style immortal cultivation MMO mobile game “The Mortal Cultivation Chronicle: Human Realm”, which immediately topped the China iPhone game download chart and entered the top ten best-selling mobile games. The publisher’s ranking correspondingly advanced one place to fifth.

Driven by the limited-time event “2023 Big Thanksgiving Festival・Spring” in “Arknights” and multiple new SSR characters in “Azur Lane”, ELEX Technology’s May revenue increased by 44% month-on-month, returning to ninth place on the list.

The SLG mobile game “Viking Rise” newly launched by IGG has shown strong revenue-generating abilities in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. Its May revenue reached nearly three times that of April, making it the second-highest revenue-generating mobile game product under IGG and driving the publisher’s revenue to rise by 14%, ranking 11th on the list.

Overseas App Dynamics

Global subscription-based streaming media revenue estimated to exceed 137 billion US dollars in 2027, a UK-based subscription service provider, recently released a report estimating that the global subscription-based streaming media revenue (SVOD) will reach 95.3 billion US dollars in 2023, an 18% increase from the previous year, and is expected to reach 137 billion US dollars in 2027, an additional 73% increase.

The report pointed out that in 2017, the global number of subscription-based streaming media users was 610 million, and it reached 1.16 billion in 2022. It is estimated that streaming media will continue to surpass other M&E sub-markets in the future.

According to data from Statista Market Insights, global revenue from subscription-based streaming media has nearly doubled since 2017 and is expected to exceed $80 billion by 2022. During this period, physical sales have declined by nearly 30%, while the growth rate of digital pay-per-view and pay-per-download is much lower than that of streaming media.

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