The stock market still has new opportunities! He takes the lead in economic growth

The stock market offers new opportunities and leads economic growth

After many years of cultivation, the female consumer market has formed a relatively complete market structure. In contrast, the male market has not received enough attention. The most typical example is that in the past, most men’s daily necessities were a “side line” of comprehensive brands.

However, under the influence of multiple factors such as the improvement of men’s economic ability, the awakening of consumption awareness, and the upgrade of personalized needs, the original consumption pattern has been broken.

Men are quietly taking up the banner of consumption, and more and more brands serving male consumers are beginning to shine in the consumer market.

In the vast sea of commerce, brands are like a lone boat. Brand owners need to listen to the voices of male consumers and strive to meet their shopping expectations in order to thrive in this blue ocean. Therefore, I have selected four marketing strategies with male consumers as the core for brands to reference.

Seize the white space market and highlight the core selling points

In recent years, the male consumer market has become increasingly mature, but there are still many untapped niche markets. For brands that want to enter the male consumer market, they need to find specific consumers in the niche market, meet their personalized needs, and thereby improve their brand competitiveness and market share.

For example, in the past, many men may have been shy about discussing private parts care and lacked knowledge and channels for related products. MANSCAPED has launched a series of care products specifically for men’s private parts to fill this market gap. Moreover, using humorous and interesting marketing content (such as puns in advertisements), turning a taboo topic into a topic of discussion among male consumers.

When MANSCAPED launched its first product, the Lawn Mower electric trimmer, it emphasized its core selling point – innovation in male intimate care.

MANSCAPED’s products use high-quality materials and professional design to ensure comfort and safety, while meeting the requirements of precise trimming and high efficiency. After meeting the basic needs of consumers, its products can be customized according to user needs, becoming the key to success.

Through advertising on multiple platforms and social media marketing, highlighting the brand’s differentiation based on its core selling point, MANSCAPED quickly expanded its popularity.

The core selling point is the most attractive and critical feature or advantage of the product, not necessarily the product itself, but the most differentiated and competitive point compared to competitors.

MANSCAPED has found this point and highlighted its innovative concept, successfully establishing a foothold in this niche market. This thinking is worth learning for overseas brands.

Focus on male preferences to expand brand advantages

When watching ads, women are easily attracted by emotional information, while men tend to prefer content that is direct and logical. Therefore, for male consumers, the marketing content of the brand needs to have clear logic, unique creativity, and vivid and humorous expressions.

MANSCAPED’s product advantages are not outstanding; their trimmers are not as good as Phillips and their skincare products are not as good as CeraVe. However, MANSCAPED still has sales of billions of dollars, and its success depends heavily on its marketing principles – advertising content is never roundabout and is interesting.

MANSCAPED created a character named “The Grooming Guru” as the brand image. The Grooming Guru usually wears comfortable and exquisite attire, with neatly trimmed long hair and a goatee, leaving a deep impression. He appears in MANSCAPED ads as a male beauty expert, helping men with their “beauty” needs.

MANSCAPED’s ads often use humorous scenes, absurd characters, and self-deprecation to grab the audience’s attention.

For example, in promoting The Lawn Mower 4.0, MANSCAPED released an ad called “Cooking With Iman,” introducing the new product through cooking ingredients, using furry kiwi as a metaphor for men’s “balls,” and using the trimmer as a melon peeler, which is both humorous and eye-catching, winning the audience’s favor.

In addition, it also uses puns, like “Your balls will thank you,” which, in addition to the literal interpretation, expresses that your “equipment” will thank you for your care.

MANSCAPED uses humorous ads to eliminate the awkwardness surrounding discussions about private grooming. At the same time, by shaping the image of The Grooming Guru as professional and reliable, MANSCAPED builds trust with male consumers and generates purchase intent.

Select social media platforms as the main battlefield and create customized content.

In the era of mobile internet, social media marketing is a key area where brands focus on layout. Choosing the “main battlefield” from numerous social media platforms, investing more energy, and creating customized content has become a top priority.

For example, TikTok and Instagram have similar user numbers, but TikTok has more audiences for male-centric beauty content. For a brand that specializes in men’s beauty, TikTok’s marketing priority should be higher than that of Instagram.

Stryx is one of the most popular male beauty brands on TikTok, with about 330,000 followers. According to statistics, 70-75% of the brand’s sales in 2022 were driven by its TikTok users.

Let’s take Stryx as an example and see how it plays on TikTok.

1. Creating interesting product showcase videos

The founder of the Stryx brand discovered that when he left his beard on while wearing makeup, the video effect was twice as good as before. In traditional impressions, it is not common to see men with a more masculine image taking care of their skin and makeup.

The short videos of Stryx often feature some tough-looking internet celebrities, such as joshua_clay17, a black man with a natural explosion head and a beard who carefully teaches everyone how to do makeup in the video.

Stryx is using this subversive image to deepen the brand’s impression, attract consumers’ attention, and attract traffic.

2. Making good use of TikTok’s unique features

Duet is a very popular feature of TikTok. Stryx often collaborates with internet celebrities, such as collaborating with zakheath, who has millions of fans, to make makeup videos. By collaborating with internet celebrities, they convert the fans of internet celebrities into their own fans.

In addition to duets, Stryx also makes good use of the stitch function to respond to others’ videos or express their own opinions.

For example, Stryx responded to the video of internet celebrity fuzz.evans with a stitched video to teach the audience how to shave, which gained hundreds of thousands of views and 40,000 likes.

For text-based questions, Stryx will directly select interesting ones and respond with an @, greatly improving audience interaction.

Challenge activities are also a major feature of TikTok. As long as there are challenges related to the product, Stryx will actively respond, such as participating in the shaving challenge.

In addition, Stryx has also established its own exclusive topic, such as stryxpartner, inviting internet celebrities to become partners, use products, and release related promotional videos. These not only bring Stryx a lot of traffic, but also increase brand awareness.

3. Provide a simpler shopping process

Consumer research indicates that male consumers prefer a simpler purchasing method.

After harvesting traffic, Stryx simplifies the purchase process to quickly convert potential consumers: after watching the video, they can directly jump from TikTok to the purchase page without switching to other shopping platforms.

4. Offer attractive discounts

Stryx directly displays discount information in the TikTok profile: $15 off for orders over $40. The discount is eye-catching and attractive, encouraging hesitant consumers to place orders quickly.

Stryx uses a combination of strategies tailored to the target audience’s needs and the characteristics of social media to easily attract male consumers, making it suitable for brands looking to expand globally to learn from.

Use KOL influence to increase brand awareness

With the development of social media and digital marketing, brands need new marketing methods to attract young people’s attention, and collaborating with KOLs is a fast and effective marketing technique.

Brands can leverage the massive traffic of KOLs to quickly expand brand awareness and exposure.

Old Spice is a US men’s care brand founded in 1937. Its product line includes men’s perfume, air fresheners, body wash, shaving supplies, and more. According to financial reports released by its parent company, Old Spice has a market share of about 16% in the United States and is one of the leading brands in the US men’s care market.

Globally, Old Spice has also maintained a stable growth trend. As an old-fashioned company in the age of digital media, it has not stuck to the old ways, but has always kept up with modern preferences. In addition to regular offline and television advertising, it focuses on social media marketing and KOL collaboration.

Old Spice has collaborated with several KOLs, including “chazsmith” on TikTok, to release a series of promotional videos.

In the promotional videos, KOLs showcased Old Spice’s products and responded to the “smelllikeyourownmanman” brand challenge initiated by Old Spice to drive UGC content production.

Old Spice has always been committed to conveying the image of “real men,” and its most famous advertising slogan is “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” This challenge theme perfectly matches this image, and has received 22.7 million views.

This kind of collaboration with internet celebrities not only conveys the brand’s concepts and enhances brand exposure, but also more effectively promotes its products.

From the above marketing analysis, the author believes that there are three points that every overseas brand should learn:

Highlight the core selling points to enhance competitiveness.

Create customized content based on the characteristics of social media.

Collaborate with KOLs to quickly increase brand awareness.

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