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So what are the important points that can be analyzed from such rapid development?

First, please take a look at the outline of the content of this issue!


Nei Rong D GANG

Outline of this Issue

“Outline of this Issue”

1. What is TikTok? What are the monetization methods of TikTok? How to use TikTok?

2. How to open a TikTok store? How to use it after opening?

3. Which TikTok products are more suitable? Product selection tutorial

4. How to bind the payment in TikTok store backend?

5. How to connect the TikTok account for sales promotion? How to get fans to post videos

6. How to develop a professional TikTok account for sales promotion

7. What are the precautions for sales promotion in TikTok? How to live stream videos

8. How does TikTok Fund operate?

9. How to deliver orders from TikTok store? Logistics channel

10. How to open other sub-stations in TikTok store?

11. How to find high-quality influencers for paid promotion in TikTok

12. How much investment is required for the entire process of TikTok?

13. How to use TikTok’s little yellow car? What are the thresholds?

14. Which categories are easier to do in TikTok? Category ranking

15. The difference between local and cross-border stores in TikTok

16. Summary and analysis

1. What is TikTok? What are the monetization methods of TikTok? How to use TikTok?

I. Tiktok

TikTok is the international version of Douyin short video, a short video social APP under ByteDance, which was launched in May 2017, with the vision of “inspiring creativity and bringing joy.”

[Common Monetization Methods]

II. Open a store, live broadcast for sales promotion

With the development of TikTok, it is now very easy to apply for a small shop in the UK. You only need a business license to apply. To cooperate with live streaming sales, the threshold will be higher and you need to understand the local language.

3. Doing independent station sales

Currently, more and more people in China are engaged in the operation of independent station projects. Independent stations are indeed a new direction for the development of cross-border industries at this stage. The core of independent stations is traffic, which is different from the traffic obtained from the flow pool of shopping platforms, which can only be promoted on various external websites, search and social platforms.

2. How to open a TikTok shop? How to use it after opening?

1. For sellers with UK cross-border stores

For sellers with official account managers (AM), they can directly contact and consult their AM. If there is no AM, sellers who have opened a UK small shop with a domestic business license can first fill out the merchant intention collection form and submit it. The platform will automatically send an invitation email to qualified sellers, which contains an invitation code and the method of opening a shop.

Registration link:


2. For sellers without a shop

Open TikTok Shop University, click “Contact Us” in the upper right corner, select “Settling in” as the question type, and if the review is passed, the platform will also issue an invitation code.

3. How to operate a TikTok small shop

First log in to your account and enter the store, choose the product you want to add, enter the product information and confirm that it is correct, then submit it, and then upload the product and click “Complete”.

3. Which products are more suitable for TikTok? Product selection tutorial

1. Beauty category

From the data of beauty on TikTok, the viewing volume in December 2022 increased by 8.3% compared to January, which is more significant than the data of the fashion category. The viewing time of beauty users is nearly 10% higher than that of non-beauty users.

2. Stationery category

Searching the keyword “stationery” on TikTok will result in a large number of videos related to stationery, which have high play traffic.

3. Jewelry category

Searching “jewelry” on TikTok, a blogger named thepinkvaultny achieved high popularity with a video featuring a ring, receiving 440,000 likes, over 4,000 comments, and more than 40,000 shares.

4. How to link payment to TikTok store

1. Link a virtual phone number to TikTok account.

2. Click on “Settings” under your profile picture.

3. Click on “Account Management”.

4. Click on “Link Payment”.

5. Follow the instructions to complete the relevant operations.

2. Withdrawal rules

Withdrawals can be made once every 24 hours. The amount will be credited to the main bank account within 1-5 working days after the account is set up for automatic withdrawal. If the amount available for withdrawal is less than the platform’s minimum withdrawal amount, or the main bank account is invalid, automatic withdrawal will not be made.

3. Settlement conditions

Completed orders (orders that have exceeded the 14-day after-sales service period and have no ongoing or completed after-sales service), with an estimated settlement amount that is not negative. Settlements will be made by TikTok from the T1st day and deposited into the third-party service platform account signed by the merchant.

5. How to link TikTok account to e-commerce? Gain fans by posting vertical valuable videos.

1. Video content should be vertical and valuable.

When the account content is vertical and valuable, it helps the platform to establish tags for your account. The platform can push more accurate audiences to you based on the tags of your account, attracting more precise fans, effectively improving your fan growth rate, and driving the value of your account itself.

2. Video covers should preferably have titles

If you want to effectively increase your followers, you also need to pay attention to the video cover and add an interesting or directly related video title, which is the finishing touch!

3. Clever use of the comments section

Find some popular videos and post interesting or useful comments in the comments section, which is also a good way to attract traffic by placing your comments at the forefront of popular videos.

6. How to create a professional TikTok account for product sales

1. Creating a sales account

For beginners, creating a sales account from scratch can start with learning and imitating benchmark accounts. When you see videos in the same field as us, we can observe and learn from them. Click on the top 10 videos under the same tag, and these videos all have tags. We can choose suitable and valuable tags for ourselves and collect them.

2. Video copywriting

The copywriting of sales videos is divided into: video copywriting, title copywriting, and comments section copywriting. Sales videos need to quickly let consumers know the function and usage of the product.

3. Homepage settings

The name and avatar of the video content should match the product. The account ID can add keywords in this field, such as “toy” for toys, which will bring in search traffic.

The design of the homepage bio can tell users that the product in the video can be purchased by clicking on the link, and finally add a downward gesture as a simple guide.

7. What are the precautions for product sales on TikTok? How to live stream videos

1. Sales skills

Sellers need to search for the recently selected products on social platforms to see if there are popular videos, and check the user’s reaction in the information field, such as showing clear purchasing desire.

2. The price range should be reasonable

The price range of the product is a very important indicator for the seller to choose the product. First of all, the product price must be controlled within $100 as much as possible. Therefore, based on the upper limit of the reference price, the seller can consider specific product categories, and then determine the general type of the product based on the product cost.

III. Notes for product promotion:

1. Emphasize thinking and reorganization; 2. Screen target users; 3. Make good use of tools for product selection; 4. Create multiple accounts and constantly test.

8. How does TikTok Fund operate?

I. Open creator account;

1. Click on creator–>click on TikTok Creator Fund–>click Apply–>click Verify; 2. Submit information; 3. Wait for official email response; 4. 10 minutes later, log in to your account and apply for creator fund. Next, click on creator–>click on TikTok Creator Fund–>click Apply. After submitting, the system will respond whether the application has been approved, usually within a few seconds.

II. Bind withdrawal method;

First, open TikTok personal center–>find Balance–>click Income; then verify and bind TikTok by logging into your email and entering the verification code, and then follow the prompts to enter the authorization password step by step until prompted that the binding is complete.

III. Withdraw creative funds;

1. Click on “Withdraw”, select “Withdraw Balance”; 2. Enter the withdrawal amount and click “Withdraw now.” The next step is to “Confirm to withdraw”; 3. A dialog box will prompt that it is in progress and is expected to arrive within one working day.

9. How to deliver orders from TikTok store? Logistics channels.

I. Placing orders from TikTok store;

Placing orders from TikTok store is simple and convenient, with one-stop service and subsidies. TikTok also has partnerships with official logistics providers.

II. Placing orders from independent sites or private domains;

If you have goods in hand, you can directly send them through small packages and then find a freight forwarder to deliver them. If you have a large business, it’s more suitable to transport products and goods to overseas warehouses and then send them directly to customers after they place orders.

III. Dropshipping;

This is a mode of operation where you don’t have any goods in stock. You can hang your supplier’s goods on TikTok orders and provide your foreign shipping address to your supplier. They are responsible for delivery.

10. How to open other sub-stores on TikTok store?

1. Obtaining traffic through social media account matrix

Users can click on the homepage link to jump to the independent website, or copy the comment link to enter the independent website. It is crucial to ensure good traffic and high-quality video content for this mode.

2. Obtaining traffic through advertising

TikTok Ads advertising is mainly divided into splash screen ads and information flow ads. Splash screen ads are full-screen ads that display products on the app’s homepage and can be directly clicked to jump to the independent website.

3. TikTok’s traffic acquisition strategy

Learning to effectively use marketing skills can increase brand exposure, increase interaction, and promote sales.

11. How does TikTok find high-quality influencers for paid promotion?

1. Use tools

With EchoTik, you can search for influencers by country, category, and other filtering options. It will list the hottest influencers and provide key attributes such as number of followers, sales, and live broadcasts, which will greatly improve efficiency.

2. Through recommendations

When you browse certain videos on TikTok, multiple influencer accounts will be recommended. You can click on the account to observe the video’s views, likes, comments, and other data, while also learning about their creative characteristics to judge whether there is cooperation value.

3. Follow popular accounts

By following popular accounts, you can see the popular trends and topics on TikTok, and find high-quality influencers with potential.

12. How much investment is needed for the entire TikTok process?

1. Network environment setup

Spending about 30-40 yuan per month

2. Independent website

Approximately 39 US dollars per month, equivalent to about 180 yuan.

3. Product cost

The cost of the product depends on the source channel, from purchasing products domestically to selling them on e-commerce platforms.

4. Promotion costs of online platforms

The specific costs incurred by promotion depend on the extent and time period of the promotion.

13. How to use TikTok’s “Little Yellow Car”? What are the requirements?

1. TikTok’s own small store

If you have applied for a TikTok small store before, you can directly bind your account in the background of your store. Once your account is bound, you can directly open the delivery permission.

2. Open TikTok Shop delivery permission with a thousand fans

Once you have reached 1000 fans on a single account, you can apply for delivery permission in the background.

3. How to hang the “Little Yellow Car” on the video

After binding the “Little Yellow Car”, on the video publishing page, click “Add Link” to add a link, choose “Product”, and then select the product. After selecting the product, edit the product name, add language to guide the purchase, and add stickers to make the “Little Yellow Car” more eye-catching. For example, use the arrow sticker and the phrase “Click & Buy”. After publishing, it can be viewed after passing the review.

14. What categories are better for TikTok? Category ranking

1. Pet category

Pet videos know no borders. There are many people in the world who love pets. No matter what type of pet video it is, it is a good positioning and direction with a high conversion rate.

2. Good product category

The good product category includes car products, beauty, home products, outdoor products, etc. It has a slow growth rate but strong monetization ability. The videos are diverse and there is no need to worry about running out of content. This is currently the best category for monetization on TikTok. The more vertical the category, the stronger the monetization ability.

3. Food category

The food category has a fast growth rate, is easy to receive advertisements, and has monetization ability based on video material positioning. However, the video must be visually appealing, beautiful, and stimulate the audience’s appetite.

15. The difference between local and cross-border stores on TikTok

1. Local stores

Local people use local phone numbers and ID cards, or local business licenses to open TikTok stores, but they are only allowed to sell in the local area, and those who directly ship locally are called local stores.

2. Cross-border stores

TikTok stores opened with business licenses from mainland China or Hong Kong. As long as they are shipped from mainland China, they are considered cross-border stores.

3. Differences

16. Comprehensive analysis and summary

Actually, it is not difficult to do well on the TikTok platform, as long as you avoid those pitfalls. Also, it is recommended that you have a clear idea of what you need and what you lack when doing TikTok, and purposefully learn those things to grow faster. Otherwise, blindly doing it can easily confuse your thoughts. In fact, TikTok is not difficult, it’s just a bit troublesome to do. After the novice period is over, it will gradually get better. I was the same at the beginning, so it is necessary for everyone to adjust in the early stages ~~

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