TikTok e-commerce drainage | The underestimated high traffic tag graduation season

TikTok e-commerce utilizes high traffic tag for graduation season

The reason why graduation season is a special and highly focused TikTok e-commerce marketing term is not only because graduation means students are ending their current stage and moving into a new one, bringing some purchasing needs such as graduation gifts, academic robes, souvenirs, etc., but also because it is a hot period of attention for both students and parents, and various topics and activities related to graduation are highly discussed on social media and news media.

By participating in discussions on graduation topics, replying to comments, providing useful information and advice, we can establish closer connections with our target audience, gain their trust in the purchasing decision-making process, and use this relationship to bring more traffic to our e-commerce store.

From the perspective of TikTok e-commerce marketing, TikTok videos related to graduation have a total view count of up to 18.8 billion, and the most popular topics are the “graduation ceremony” and “prom” activities.

TikTok e-commerce marketing: graduation ceremony

As we can see from the previous data on TikTok e-commerce marketing, the overall discussion of “graduation season” is highly popular, but in terms of audience proportion and influence difficulty, TikTok is not the best choice for most cross-border sellers due to its low user proportion, and related topics are easily overshadowed by other high-heat topics, making it difficult to stand out.

However, Pinterest is completely different, with a user proportion of 20% discussing graduation season, surpassing the average of other social media platforms. Among this 20% of users, 55% of celebrants plan to attend someone else’s graduation ceremony and will make extra efforts to celebrate this important moment in life. Posts related to celebrating graduation have been collected 147 million times and there are 33 million related searches.

Among the crowd of people using Pinterest to prepare for graduation, 39% search for graduation gifts on Pinterest, 38% believe that Pinterest has helped them prepare for graduation celebrations in advance, and 33% believe that Pinterest provides inspiration for how to celebrate graduation and hold related activities.

A survey of “people planning to purchase graduation gifts” found that the most popular graduation gifts include: gift cards, food or wine, clothing, shoes or jewelry, electronics, handmade gifts, jewelry, and vacations/travel. The categories are very wide, and we believe that our sellers have many related products that can be associated with them and used for successful marketing.

In searches related to graduation ceremonies, the keywords with the highest year-on-year growth in search volume are:

  • “Graduation gift” (graduation present ideas)

  • “Graduation ceremony attire” (attending graduation outfit ideas)

  • “Graduation cap hairstyles” (graduation cap hairstyles)

  • “Candy bar for graduation party” (candy bar for graduation party)

  • “Brunch graduation party” (brunch graduation party)

Year-on-year refers to the comparison of search volume from March to June 2022 with search volume from March to June 2021. We can understand this growth trend as an estimate that the search volume for these keywords in March to June this year will be higher than last year.

Looking at the search trends of Pinterest Trends in the past three months, the search volume for party ideas, outfit ideas, and gift ideas has been continuously increasing, and is currently at its peak. Among them, “party” has the highest search frequency, followed by outfit, and the search frequency of gift-related words is relatively low.

After all, gifts have a very clear direction, such as giving sports shoes, giving mobile phones… When you see a gift that fits your ideas, you can quickly decide without the need for multiple searches. However, a party is something that requires consideration of various elements, such as the decoration of the venue, the food, and so on. This also tells us sellers to package their products as much as possible as content related to “graduation parties”, so there are more opportunities to appear in front of users.

Interestingly, in terms of user characteristics, female users occupy an absolute proportion among users who search for these three words frequently, up to 91%. In terms of age, users aged 18-24 account for the largest proportion; in terms of age distribution, users who search for graduation parties clearly show a trend of younger age, with 18-24 year-olds accounting for 51%; while in the 25-34 age group, the proportion of those who pay attention to parties, clothing, and gifts does not differ much, both at around 26%.

TikTok E-commerce Drainage: Dance Party

Dance parties are one of the most unforgettable moments in high school in the United States. Students search for beauty tips, creative dressing, and everything needed to complete a perfect look, while parents focus on the host skills and hot activities before the dance party.

There are 253 million creative ideas related to graduation dance parties that have been collected, with 39 million related search times. Among them, the keywords with the highest year-on-year growth in search volume are:

  • “Bestie promposal” for “bestie prom”

  • “Green graduation dance party suit” for “green prom suit”

  • “Pre-prom party ideas” for “ideas before the graduation dance party”

  • “Prom checklist planning” for “graduation dance party checklist planning”

  • “Silver makeup looks for prom” for “silver makeup suitable for the dance party”

The above keywords are growth estimates. Looking at the data from the past three months leading up to 2023, there is a high search frequency for prom dresses, hairstyles, manicures, and makeup. Among the users who frequently search for these, females make up as much as 93%, and over 55% of them are between the ages of 18 and 24. This shows that younger female users are the main consumer group.

Of course, besides cleverly using keywords to drive traffic, we can also organize graduation-related interactions, competitions, or giveaways to encourage users to participate and share their graduation experiences and shopping experiences. In short, we need to seize every opportunity to interact with users, as each marketing node is an opportunity.

The above content is from “Investing Big in Marketing Overseas” and is the full content of the graduation season marketing for TikTok e-commerce drainage prepared for cross-border sellers. You can use it flexibly. If you have any questions about advertising policies, placement issues, or advertising materials, please feel free to add the author’s WeChat or leave a message in the background for communication~

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