TikTok Stainless Steel Soap reaches over 10 million views, another hit product in the environmentally-friendly cleaning tools category!

TikTok Stainless Steel Soap 10M+ views, another eco-friendly cleaning hit!

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among the public, the demand for sustainable products is constantly increasing. Compared with the past, people are more concerned about whether products can reduce negative impacts on the environment. This change extends to many areas such as energy-saving products, organic food, and environmentally friendly cleaning products, providing unprecedented opportunities for the environmental protection product market.

Recently, Dida Dog data detected a surge in popularity of a “stainless steel soap”, a new reusable cleaning tool that has become very popular on TikTok.

0 1 Product introduction

Stainless steel soap is a type of washing tool with special functions. It is non-toxic and does not contain any chemicals. It can effectively remove odors on hands, such as onion and garlic. Compared with traditional washing products, it also has the advantages of being reusable and not being worn out, which saves the cost of purchasing cleaning products and reduces harm to the environment. 0 2 TikTok popularity

We can check TikTok’s popular videos and search for explosive product videos of different types through Dida Dog’s official website. Dida Dog observed that a video posted by blogger @foreversoap on TikTok on February 12th received 14.4 million views, 840,000 likes, 13,000 comments, and an exposure rate of 60,504.2%. In the video, the blogger used a kitchen knife to cut ordinary soap and stainless steel soap, highlighting the latter’s sturdy and durable features, as well as characteristics such as not being easily deformed or worn out. Because of the unique evaluation angle, many netizens left comments in the comment section questioning why soap needs to be cut, which also increased the video’s topic degree. The blogger also showed another characteristic of stainless steel soap in the reply-sustainability, which can be used all year round, saving the expense of purchasing ordinary soap. Through further observation, it can be found that as early as 2020, evaluation videos about stainless steel soap appeared on TikTok, but its popularity suddenly surged from February to now, attracting a lot of attention from netizens. Another blogger @mysteelsoap’s video about stainless steel soap, which was posted on April 7th, had more than 5 million views in just a few days, and its exposure rate is still rising, reaching 119,127.9%, and received more than 170,000 likes. Similar to the previous video, the creator demonstrated the durability of ordinary soap and stainless steel soap by chopping them with a kitchen knife. Although the video was posted a month ago, the comment section is still active, with netizens expressing their love for this type of soap and many users asking how to purchase such a metal soap. By entering @mysteelsoap’s homepage, it can be found that the account focuses on promoting stainless steel soap. The first video posted on April 6th has already garnered 8,000 followers and more than 440,000 likes. The blogger added a link to an independent website in the introduction, making it easy for users to find the page to purchase stainless steel soap and order the same product as seen in the video. 0 3 Market situation

With Google Trends, we can learn about the search popularity and market trends of product keywords on search engines over a certain period of time. As can be seen from the search trend below, the search popularity of “steel soap” worldwide has significantly increased in recent days. Previously, the keyword popularity had never exceeded 75, but it has skyrocketed in the past week and may reach a peak of 100. By observing independent websites, it can be found that the discounted price of the same stainless steel soap in a video is $11.59 USD. Additionally, if you purchase multiple pieces, you can enjoy different discounts, such as 10% off for 2 pieces, 15% off for 3 pieces, and 20% off for 4 pieces. Image source: shopsteelsoap.com. On 1688, searching for stainless steel soap, it is not difficult to find the same product, which comes in different sizes and packaging and is priced between 2.32 yuan and 3.37 yuan.

For consumers, stainless steel soap may be a relatively new concept, and they need to understand its characteristics, usage, and advantages. Therefore, brands need to focus on conveying the benefits and value of the product to consumers in the promotion process, and increase their awareness and acceptance of stainless steel soap. For example, the two videos shared today use eye-catching videos on TikTok to grab the attention of netizens and encourage them to comment. Then, through replying to comments, the creators further introduce the selling points of stainless steel soap and the pain points of the target audience it addresses, while also promoting the product. This is a promotional method that sellers can learn from.

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