TikTok short video live streaming sales and GMV data upgraded, solving 4 major business challenges – FastData big data algorithm newly optimized

TikTok upgrades live streaming sales and GMV data, solving 4 business challenges with optimized FastData algorithm

As the industry’s leading TikTok data analysis platform, FastData has always been concerned about data volume and accuracy. Based on the long history of data accumulation since the launch of FastData, our R&D team has adopted more refined algorithms to process data in each module. Recently, we have upgraded the sales and GMV data of the TikTok e-commerce videos. Below are detailed introductions that we hope can help you solve the four major TikTok e-commerce sales problems:

# 01

Explore short video e-commerce hot-selling products

Efficiently view high GMV hot-selling product data of videos

Explore hot-selling products that are being copied

  • Based on the sales and GMV data of e-commerce videos, find the videos with high GMV, and explore the hot-selling products based on the data performance of each product in the video.

# 02

Explore high-quality store owners

View store information based on short video e-commerce hot-selling products

Get efficient marketing cases

  • Explore short video e-commerce hot-selling products, analyze the product details, find the store that the product belongs to, and obtain store marketing data and track store marketing trends.

# 03

Find high-quality influencers for cooperation

View the GMV output data of competitors’ and hot-selling products’ influencer promotion

Accurately explore high-quality influencer cooperation

  • The online sales and GMV data of influencers’ associated promotion cooperation are available. Based on the product promotion effect, explore high-quality influencer cooperation.
  • The function of analyzing the sales and GMV data of influencer e-commerce promotion videos is available, which can efficiently evaluate the effect of influencer short video e-commerce promotion.

# 04

Reference popular product placement materials

Analyze the short video sales data of competing products and popular products

Find inspiration for product placement videos

  • Analyzing data on the sales volume and gross merchandise value (GMV) of product-related product placement promotional short videos has been launched to help analyze the effectiveness of short videos and analyze popular video materials.
  • Find high GMV product placement video materials to get inspiration for shooting.

New features are coming soon

  • Shop master marketing GMV index analysis function – insight into the efficient cooperation of competitors’ shop masters

  • Contact information of shop masters – efficiently build connections with potential cooperation partners

  • Product SKU and pricing – track competitors’ popular product SKUs and pricing systems

  • Sales and GMV data for each product placement by shop masters – efficiently analyze potential cooperation partners

Introduction to FastData

FastData (WWW.500FD.CN) is the most influential and credible data analysis tool in the TikTok ecosystem. After 7 major versions and more than 20 minor versions, FastData has achieved fast, accurate, and comprehensive data analysis in TikTok’s live streaming, product, small shop, shop master, short video, advertising, and other chains. FastData currently supports logging in on mini-programs, computers, and H5 simultaneously. Platform data covers major TikTok commercial countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia, making it the preferred data tool for many Chinese merchants to do TikTok, and has received investments from multiple well-known institutions and created many industry firsts:

① The world’s first platform to complete TikTok’s full-section data analysis: supporting live streaming, product, small shop, shop master, video, advertising, tag, and music section data

② Platform with the most countries/regions included: supporting data from 15 countries/regions including the United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, France, etc.

③ Platform with the highest richness of data: includes data on over 150 million TikTok influencers and over 40 million TikTok products.

④ Platform with the longest data viewing time: the first platform to support viewing historical data for more than 365 days.

For businesses and influencers, it is necessary to understand market trends and industry data in real time, adjust strategies based on data feedback, and improve efficiency. For more TikTok product and influencer data, as well as live streaming data, please visit FastData (WWW.500FD.COM) or click on the image below to enter the mini program.

Fast Data has successfully held 11 global short video ecology salons and summits, with a total of over 10,000 participants and coverage from over 100 industry media outlets. It has gradually become the most influential and credible phenomenon-level conference in the industry. We will continue to meet with top guests in the industry offline, delve into the forefront of the industry, and work together to promote industry development.

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