Cross-border Weekly Report | How are the Four Little Dragons of China’s Going Global trend causing a storm? Significant adjustments for Shein and TikTok!

Title China's Four Little Dragons cause storm in Going Global trend, Shein and TikTok make adjustments

Over the past week, there have been a series of major events in the global cross-border e-commerce field. What new initiatives have emerged from China’s e-commerce “four little dragons” in their efforts to expand overseas? What impact might this have on cross-border sellers? Let’s take a look together below!

Shein announces a new platform model, launching first in the American market

After making its debut in Brazil, Shein Marketplace plans to launch on a larger scale globally and will first release in the United States this week.

Shein has announced that the platform will allow local and international third-party sellers to sell products alongside its own brand on its website to meet the growing demand for product diversity from consumers.

For sellers, Shein Marketplace will provide real-time insights, an established customer base, product fulfillment infrastructure, as well as exposure on marketing and social channels. For cross-border sellers, this undoubtedly opens a new sales window and may bring new business opportunities.

TikTok makes major adjustments, full-service model brings new opportunities

In response to the continued expansion and adjustment of Shein and Temu, TikTok has also taken new action.

It has been reported that TikTok will launch a new model similar to “full-service storefronts” like AliExpress and Temu, where the supplier provides the inventory to the platform and the platform is responsible for store traffic and operations.

For businesses that are not good at operations, this is undoubtedly a more convenient mode of going overseas. However, the profit and rule restrictions that come with it cannot be taken lightly, and many Temu sellers are still losing money.

Amazon launches Inspire, a TikTok-like feature, open to all US users

Recently, Amazon announced that its new feature, Inspire, has been launched to all users in the United States. This feature combines the advantages of TikTok and Instagram, supporting image and video information flow push, allowing users to discover interesting products in personalized displays and achieve a shopping experience of browsing and buying at the same time.

For cross-border sellers, Inspire is a good opportunity to grasp traffic dividends. In the future, the competition in the field of social e-commerce will become more intense, and sellers can also choose the appropriate platform to enter social e-commerce according to their own product characteristics.

Alibaba invests $2 billion in Southeast Asia to launch an attack

Alibaba is investing $2 billion in Southeast Asia to support the growth of e-commerce and digital payments in the region.

Alibaba is already a major participant in Southeast Asia, with platforms such as AliExpress and Lazada. This large-scale investment will further expand its influence in the region. For cross-border sellers, Alibaba’s move may open up new opportunities for them to enter the Southeast Asian market, and also indicate that competition in this region will intensify further.

To sum up, global e-commerce giants are actively deploying strategic layouts to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce industry.

For cross-border sellers, this means more market opportunities, but also brings greater competitive pressure. Sellers need to closely follow these changes, be prepared, and find new business opportunities in this rapidly changing market.

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