The easiest side job for second and third-tier cities, what investment is needed to create an overseas version of Douyin TikTok?

What's the easiest side job for second and third-tier cities? How much investment is required to create an overseas version of Douyin TikTok?

Many people want to do TikTok and want to know what investments are needed to do TikTok.

Recently, there are quite a few little partners who have consulted about this issue.

Today, I will systematically inventory the investments needed to do TikTok.

Previously, I have always recommended that the two most suitable fields for entry this year are one of them, which is TikTok.

That’s because the investment required for TikTok is very small, approaching zero.

If TikTok only makes short video monetization, you only need a mobile phone, and everyone’s spare phone that has been eliminated before can be used.

Then there is the network fee. The price of the network varies depending on the bandwidth and traffic.

There are 50-500 per month. For beginners, it is definitely recommended to choose the lowest one.

One mobile phone can support 3 accounts. If you want to support more accounts for batch monetization,

Then increase the number of mobile phones.

Who doesn’t have a few spare phones these days?

But if you really don’t have one, then you can go to idle fish to buy a second-hand iPhone 7 for less than 400 yuan, which can be used reluctantly.

Short video production certainly requires editing, and I believe there is no need for me to introduce the app CapCut.

If you think that CapCut now requires VIP, otherwise many functions cannot be used,

Then you can use the overseas version of CapCut, all functions are free and no VIP is required. Both computer and mobile phone versions are supported.

Of course, in addition to CapCut, there are many excellent free editing software in China.

In addition, the tools that may be involved include:

  • Short video watermark removal download

  • Translation software

  • Voiceover software

These three types of software are all free, and it is not necessarily necessary to use them all for short video monetization.

If TikTok wants to do unmanned live streaming to monetize

In addition to the aforementioned software and hardware, you also need a computer

Some people may ask, do you really need a computer for unmanned live streaming?

If you want to argue, you can actually do it without a computer, but it is still recommended to use a computer for better efficiency

If you need to use an AI host, you need to pay for the AI host, and the price varies. Generally speaking, 50 yuan per month is enough

If you want to sell products, you can either choose from the market or do dropshipping

You don’t need to stock up on goods, so there is no cost

Especially for friends in second and third-tier cities, even if you want to operate in large quantities, the venue and labor costs are very low

You can operate it yourself and just find two or three young people in their twenties to teach them how to help you

That’s about it, there are no other costs

It can be seen that doing TikTok is not completely zero cost, but it is very low cost

If you are still waiting and watching for this low-cost model

I can only say that such people are not suitable for passive income and do not deserve external wealth

There is a saying that goes: Without external wealth, one cannot be plump

Clearly, some people are only suitable for working, but they still want to do something and are reluctant to invest a little

Can good things happen to you just like that?

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