What tools does AliExpress have to improve logistics efficiency?

AliExpress logistics tools?

Alibaba’s AliExpress provides some tools to improve logistics efficiency, enabling sellers to manage their logistics more conveniently, quickly, and intelligently. Let’s take a look at what AliExpress has to offer to improve logistics efficiency:

1. Freight Pricing Calculator

AliExpress’s freight pricing calculator is an Excel spreadsheet tool that can help you quickly query and compare the prices and conditions of different logistics methods. You only need to enter the weight of the goods, the destination, and the logistics channel to get the corresponding freight quotes, including distribution service fees, registration service fees, time limits, and other information. Based on your own cost budget and profit goals, you can choose the logistics method that suits you best.

The freight pricing calculator can be downloaded on the AliExpress official website or searched for on platforms such as Zhihu. The method of use is also very simple, just fill in the relevant information according to the instructions in the table.

2. Logistics Order Merge Function

The logistics order merge function is a new feature launched by AliExpress to improve the efficiency of seller logistics transportation and enhance the buyer’s logistics receiving experience. It allows you to merge multiple orders placed by the same buyer in the same store into one order for delivery, thereby saving freight, reducing the number of packages, reducing the risk of lost items, and improving buyer satisfaction.

To use the logistics order merge function, you need to meet the following conditions:

Your store has opened online delivery function

You have selected a logistics method that supports merged delivery (currently supporting AliExpress worry-free logistics-standard, AliExpress worry-free logistics-priority, AliExpress worry-free logistics-self-pickup, etc.)

The orders to be merged for delivery are placed by the same buyer in the same store and are all in an unshipped state.

The total weight of the orders that you want to merge for shipping cannot exceed 2kg.

If you meet the above conditions, you can select the orders to be merged for shipping on the order management page, and then click the “Merge Order” button. The system will automatically generate a new merged order number for you, and display the shipping fee for the merged order. After confirming the details are correct, you can print the merged shipping order and package the goods with the shipping label for shipping.

3. Logistics Analysis Tool

The Logistics Analysis Tool is a tool that can help you monitor and analyze your logistics data and performance. You can view logistics indicators such as logistics timeliness, logistics exceptions, buyer disputes, and refund rates in this tool, and compare them with the platform average level.

Using different Aliexpress tools, seller friends can get different help, and the key is to find your logistics advantages and problem areas and quickly improve logistics efficiency.

The Aliexpress warehouse and logistics service focuses on cross-border e-commerce services and can provide warehousing and shipping services for platforms such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart, Wayfair, and Ali International Station. At the same time, it is equipped with multiple logistics solutions, including sea freight, air freight, international express, international special line, international parcel, and postal EMS, with multiple channels for independent selection and extremely cost-effective. Support for general cargo, electric, pure electric, furniture, jerseys, oversized items, adult dolls, electric skateboards, and other shipping services. For more details, please visit the official website of Aliexpress warehouse and logistics service: zllp.myyxxx_17vwkp.z=ppisc_okg.

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