Cross-border e-commerce Amazon, AliExpress, Ali International, and Shopee operational strategies and practices

Cross-border e-commerce strategies of Amazon, AliExpress, Ali International, and Shopee

With the development of globalization and the Internet, cross-border e-commerce has become an important means for companies to expand their overseas markets. However, the operation of cross-border e-commerce is not easy. It requires comprehensive consideration and planning of products, markets, logistics, payments, customer service, etc. Here are some suggestions on how to operate cross-border e-commerce.

1. Market research and positioning

The first step is to understand the target market. This includes consumer buying habits, local e-commerce environment, competition, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to clarify the positioning of one’s own products or services in overseas markets, such as whether they are high-end brands, cheap but reliable products, or products with local characteristics.

2. Product strategy

Choosing products that are attractive to the target market is crucial. This may require some adjustments to the products to adapt to different market demands and cultures. At the same time, the pricing strategy of the products also needs to be carefully considered, ensuring profitability while taking into account local consumer levels and competitive environments.

3. Logistics and distribution

The logistics challenges of cross-border e-commerce are significant, including transportation time, cost, customs clearance, etc. Choosing the right logistics service provider to ensure that goods can be delivered quickly, safely, and accurately to consumers is critical to the success of cross-border e-commerce.

4. Payment methods

Due to differences in countries and regions, consumer payment habits also vary. For example, in China, consumers prefer to use Alipay and WeChat Pay, while in the United States, credit cards are more commonly used. Therefore, providing various convenient payment methods is necessary.

5. Customer service

Good customer service can improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Providing multilingual services, setting up convenient return and exchange policies, and responding quickly to consumer questions and needs are all ways to improve service quality.

6. Marketing Strategy

Finally, the development of marketing strategies is also key to successfully operating cross-border e-commerce. This includes various methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, etc. It is important to choose the most effective marketing channels and methods based on the characteristics of the target market.

7. Product Evaluation

Product evaluation can quickly improve the product’s ranking, weight, and sales, and can also increase order volume, likes (ratings), store feedback, and product reviews.

Product evaluation can be divided into real-person evaluations, machine evaluations, and self-operated account evaluations.

(1) Real-person evaluations

Find foreign friends, foreign students, or foreign evaluation teams. Advantages: The weight of old accounts is relatively high.

Disadvantages: Currently, real-person accounts do not choose products, so the quality of accounts varies greatly. They often encounter malicious refunds, have difficulty sending out products, do not provide timely comments, and use black cards to order, causing the store to be abnormal.

(2) Machine evaluations

Automatically register, browse, and place orders through software or scripts.

Advantages: High efficiency.

Disadvantages: There is a high risk of account being flagged by risk control. Currently, the success rate is very low and cannot be used anymore.

(3) Self-operated account evaluations

Through building foreign servers and IP addresses, one can register, operate, and place orders manually.

Advantages: One can control the time and quantity of evaluations and can do them anytime, anywhere. The cost of evaluation is very low, costing only a few yuan to register an account, which can be used for a long time. There is no need to worry about malicious refunds or using black cards to order.

A device can have unlimited accounts, and the mode is easy to replicate. It can also open a professional evaluation studio.

Disadvantages: high requirements for the evaluation environment, there is a certain success rate, and the technical threshold is relatively high.

It can be said that these evaluation methods have advantages and disadvantages, but machine brushing is not recommended. The probability of abnormal account suspension is very high. Evaluation cannot be done with just one software. Platforms like Amazon have dozens of risk control measures, including ordering methods and tracks that can be queried. Human evaluation has high weight, but too few evaluators can easily cause confusion in labels, leading to association. There are many advantages to self-evaluation, but high requirements for the environment, payment, and ordering methods are necessary to truly do well. Chen has been researching and incubating evaluation technology for six or seven years and is familiar with risk control on various platforms. If you want to learn about self-evaluation, you can communicate more!

If you want to improve your ranking and quickly generate orders, evaluation is a must-have. This is our Chinese way of playing. Look at websites like Taobao, Pinduoduo,, and Dama which haven’t done evaluation and had to make up orders.

Many people say that evaluation is not safe and risky. How do you view it? Taobao has been brushing for more than ten years and still does it well. As long as the platform does not collapse, evaluation will always exist and the future prospects are still very good. Doing evaluation also requires planning based on the situation of your own store, rather than blindly doing it. The old saying of “never looking back until first place” is no longer applicable.

Overall, cross-border e-commerce operation requires a deep understanding and careful planning of various aspects. Enterprises need to continuously learn and adapt to new market environments in order to stand firm in fierce competition. They also need novel thinking, such as evaluation. If you still think about white-hat methods, you will have a hard time competing with those who do evaluation. When you are still complaining about the unfairness of the platform, others have already enjoyed the benefits. Therefore, do not have a fixed mindset so that you can ultimately achieve successful cross-border e-commerce operations.

Today I will share until here, hoping it will be helpful for all the sellers. Follow Chen Ge to learn more about cross-border evaluation knowledge!

Author: BWM9992

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