How do sellers on AliExpress and coal stove sellers build their own team to maintain their accounts? What are the techniques and advantages of testing and supplementing orders?

How do AliExpress and coal stove sellers maintain their accounts and build teams? What are the benefits of order testing and supplementation techniques?

Supplementing orders for evaluations is a common topic in cross-border e-commerce platforms. For sellers, supplementing orders can help users clearly and conveniently understand the product, and increase their confidence in the product. Therefore, for sellers who focus on the quantity and star rating of their listing and review, supplementing orders is crucial for expanding their store’s scale. Supplementing orders is somewhat similar to the SD service on a certain domestic platform, but it is not the same because the seller ships real goods, the logistics information is guaranteed to be real, and the receiving address is also a real foreign address.

However, as sellers, we also face the uncertainty of finding a team to supplement orders. Next, from the perspective of the seller, we will discuss the following issues:

1. Are the so-called real users who place orders really real?

2. Are the promised credit card orders all real credit card orders?

3. Are the real buyers found by our own operating team on Facebook reliable?

4. How to judge the reliability of the service provider? Are they scammers? Many sellers have encountered situations where the evaluation service provider threatened them, such as not buying or refunding after receiving the principal and commission. Therefore, when looking for evaluation services, we need to be more careful.

5. Directly finding real buyers or Chinese people living abroad to do evaluations is the best method, because their evaluation weight is higher. However, this method also has many uncontrollable factors, such as:

Threatening to give negative feedback, the usual solution is to pay money. Most sellers will choose to recognize their bad luck and pay to appease the situation, after all, the weight of a negative feedback is higher than ten positive ones. Applying for a refund one or two months after paying is allowed on Amazon.

Foreigners who have been engaged in evaluations for a long time may not have a high account weight, and there is still a risk of association (recently, because of associating with their own store due to previous order supplements, they received someone else’s products). They usually invite their family members to participate in evaluations because they can get free products and even additional commissions. Why not? But for sellers, the same address and IP do not work.

6. The number of intermediaries in the current market far exceeds that of first-hand service providers. Some of them pretend to be first-hand service providers, but in fact, they may already be fifth or sixth hand. If you find an intermediary, they may run away at any time (there are many cases of this in the seller’s home or BusinessDialogue evaluation blacklist).

Therefore, Brother Long suggests that sellers establish their own team of buyers to cultivate spare buyer accounts:

Self-cultivation of accounts can be done anytime and anywhere for testing orders, rating, feedback, and evaluation. This helps to deal with follow-up selling, clearing inventory, and can be both defensive and offensive.

The account is managed by oneself, safe and controllable, and there is no need to worry about issues such as evaluation failure, malicious refunds, or the use of black cards to place orders.

Currently, our technology has solved this problem: we deploy IP and servers in powerful and secure terminal simulation software in the cloud, and establish a secure port through programming, which can be understood as installing a firewall. This can block the platform’s machine review of server hardware parameters in cross-border e-commerce platforms. The platform will only detect external network IPs and cannot check domestic server parameters, thereby solving the situation where environmental issues are controlled.

As an experienced evaluation technology research and development team, we are committed to solving the problem of evaluation order supplements and providing comprehensive support and guidance for sellers. Our service can ensure that your store’s sales and reviews steadily increase, making your store stand out on cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Follow Longge to learn more about our technology and services for solving testing and supplementing orders. Together, we can help your store achieve sustained growth!

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