During the 618 AliExpress sales promotion, what are the effective ways to increase store traffic?

How to boost store traffic during the 618 AliExpress sales promotion?

With its low entry threshold and active trading, AliExpress has attracted many sellers, especially newbies or those with insufficient funds. Founded over 10 years ago, AliExpress has developed rapidly and, as a key business launched by Alibaba Group, it has significant advantages in resources, attracting a large number of sellers and creating a highly competitive platform.

If the visitor traffic to a store is low, it can lead to insufficient sales and a drop in ranking. Therefore, increasing visitor traffic and improving search rankings has become an urgent problem for sellers, especially with the upcoming 618 promotion. Qbit has some tips on how sellers can effectively increase store visitor traffic:

1. Optimize keywords: Learn to use tools like Google Keywords Planner to further determine the popular trends and keywords for the 618 promotion. Then, update and optimize the product title, description, tags, and other information according to actual conditions, in order to improve search engine rankings.

2. Optimize page layout: The simplicity, clarity, and ease of navigation of the store page affects the user experience to a certain extent. High-quality product images, attractive videos, and pictures can better highlight product features and advantages, and make it easier to attract the attention of potential target consumer groups.

3. Social media marketing and promotion: During the 618 promotion, sellers can appropriately increase their social media advertising, such as on mainstream platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By using precise advertising placement, sellers can push their product ads to target audiences, increasing brand awareness and visitor traffic. The Qbit virtual credit card is suitable for online shopping scenarios and covers common cross-border consumption scenarios, supporting overseas advertising payment. It can help overseas sellers improve their advertising effectiveness. For sellers who need advertising marketing, Qbit is a good international payment method.

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4. Set up discounts and promotions: Sellers need to plan promotional activities in advance, such as discounts, coupons, or buy-one-get-one-free promotions, to attract more potential buyers and increase conversion rates.

5. Collect and use customer feedback: Sellers can encourage users who are satisfied with the product to leave positive feedback and recommendations. By using word of mouth to spread the word, sellers can expand their brand’s influence and attract more visitors. At the same time, they can also optimize products and services through real customer feedback, improving product quality and user experience.

In addition to the problem of store visits, AliExpress sellers also face many issues in their daily operations, such as paying platform store rent, service subscriptions, and international payment issues related to overseas advertising. To solve these problems, safe, efficient, and low-cost international payment methods have become the first choice for cross-border businesses and sellers.

Qbit FunPay’s enterprise-level virtual credit card meets the flexible card needs of businesses in multiple scenarios, including rent payments for mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada, TikTok Shop, advertising marketing, and logistics and warehousing fees. It provides intelligent overseas expense management solutions for cross-border enterprises.

If you are interested in the outbound industry and related knowledge, please follow Qbit FunPay and actively leave comments for discussion. We will continue to update cross-border e-commerce knowledge and the latest industry information~

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