Dunhuangcom and Amazon, how long does the new product traffic support last? How to use reviews to improve sales?

1) How long does the new product traffic support last for Dunhuangcom and Amazon? 2) How can reviews be used to improve sales?

Generally speaking, everyone should know that e-commerce platforms will provide traffic support for newly launched products, but many people do not know how long the traffic support for new products can last, and how to make use of it. I will introduce it to you sellers now.

The traffic support period for new products on Amazon is generally 7-12 days. In fact, the traffic support period for new products on Amazon is a pseudo-concept, not an absolute traffic provided for each new product, but a probability provided for the listing of new products;

In order to make this probability work, your listing must perform well, that is, you need to import traffic for your listing, and at the same time, you need to make your conversion rate higher than your peers, and make the order growth rate and ranking rise faster than your peers.

Based on this premise, the Amazon system (A9 algorithm) may increase the weight of your listing, thereby promoting the rapid rise of the entire listing.

How to use it?

1. Automatic advertising can put many keyword groups, and let Amazon’s data test whether the words we have organized are accurate. If there are orders under this keyword, continue to run the advertisement manually. If there are no clicks or impressions, then this keyword should be discarded, mainly for testing.

2. Manual advertising is extensive and accurate. It is recommended to separate and run advertisements for a week, check whether the budget is sufficient every day, and check the bidding situation of keywords.

3. There is also a strategy targeting the products of competitors, that is, product targeting. You can directly place your product under the product of others. Generally, you will only do this if you are cheaper than your competitors, have more reviews, and have a higher ranking. If your price is high, people will not click on it at first glance.

4. Related or complementary products can also be targeted for advertising, such as furniture or toys, which are relatively general and can be advertised mutually.

5. For products with low unit prices, the daily budget must be controlled, otherwise it will result in losses.

6. It is not recommended to add too many keywords to a group of ads, as it will increase traffic. It is suggested to separate the ad groups.

7. We need to pay attention to exposure, clicks, and acos in our ads.

During this support period, it is most appropriate to invest in advertising. Although there is free bias, advertising can give you a boost. You can also register a buyer account, maintain the account, and build a foreign IP environment to improve your product ranking. This will not only bring traffic and sales, but also improve Amazon’s evaluation of your product. When your ranking goes up, you will receive more support without spending additional money.

At this time, you can combine self-maintained buyer accounts to evaluate your own products. Self-maintained buyer accounts refer to maintaining foreign buyer accounts to increase sales and reviews for your store.

Developing a group of high-quality buyer accounts is a crucial step in maintaining self-maintained buyer accounts. The weight of the buyer account, the security and stability of the account, and the survival rate of the account are all core technologies of self-maintained buyer accounts, which will directly affect the success rate in the later stage:

1. It is necessary to build a foreign server and establish a firewall through remote security terminal to block hardware parameter association.

2. Special line IP for overseas residence, one account matching one IP and one card.

3. The overseas credit card background can open an unlimited number of cards, and one account matches one card.

4. The cost of maintaining accounts is low, and registration information, foreign email, address, and phone number cost around 3-4 yuan, which can be used for a long time.

5. It is highly secure and can be used as an auxiliary means to clear inventory for seasonal or overstocked products, saving the operational cost of clearing inventory and evaluation. Ordering with self-maintained accounts eliminates the risk of service provider buyer account weight problems, malicious refunds, and the use of black cards for orders. It can also be used as a powerful tool for counterattacks.

6. One device can have unlimited accounts, and the evaluation time and quantity can be controlled by yourself. You can evaluate anytime and anywhere. The technology and buyer accounts are in your own hands, which is efficient and can help you establish an evaluation cycle for your own products, quickly improve your ranking, and bring traffic.

Whether it is cross-border platforms such as Amazon, Pinduoduo Temu, Shopee, Lazada, Wish, AliExpress, Meiliduo, Alibaba International, Walmart, OZON, Allegro, Cdiscount, etc., evaluation is indeed the most effective promotion method. Moreover, owning the accounts yourself is relatively low-cost and safe. Currently, many service providers are unreliable, and the quality of accounts varies. There are also problems with malicious negative reviews or the use of black cards for orders, which can cause abnormal store performance. It is best to control the buyer accounts yourself. Welcome to exchange technical knowledge.

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