110 Amazon stores have been frozen! Another keyword is sued for infringement and can no longer be used!

110 Amazon stores frozen, keyword sued for infringement

It’s well known that keyword infringement lawsuits can be powerful. HULA HOOP froze 650 stores in their first case, Gravity Hook sued 466 stores, and Hygiene Hand took down 869 stores.

Recently, another keyword infringement lawsuit has been filed. Although the number of frozen stores is lower than the aforementioned brands, 110 stores have been frozen, and they are all Amazon stores. Amazon sellers should be extra careful~

Plaintiff brand: Rubik’s Cube

What is the English word for the Rubik’s Cube? Rubik’s Cube is undoubtedly one of the answers, and can even be called the most common English expression. The Rubik’s Cube is a mechanical puzzle toy invented by Hungarian architecture professor and sculptor Rubik Ernő in 1974. Its original name was Magic Cube, but in 1980, Ideal Toys changed its name to Rubik’s Cube and launched it globally, creating millions of amazing sales.

Because Rubik’s Cube means “magic cube,” many people may think it is a common word. However, it was actually registered as a trademark as early as 1983.

The plaintiff Spin Master Ltd. caught a trademark infringement case this time, represented by GBC Law Firm, case number 23-cv-1501. The case was initiated as early as March 10th, and the TRO injunction was approved on May 10th.

In addition to the textual trademark “Rubik’s Cube”, the graphic trademark registered by the plaintiff is also the focus of this rights protection, and sellers should also pay attention to avoiding it:

In addition to Rubik’s Cube, brands that have recently sued for infringement are not easy to deal with, popular IPs, novelty toys, well-known bands… it is easy to make mistakes, and many sellers may face the risk of prosecution and freezing of assets. Everyone must self-check and respond promptly.


Naruto, a Japanese manga series, is one of the best-selling comics of TV Tokyo Corporation.

The brand owner, TV Tokyo Corporation, sued for infringement on May 12th, represented by HSP Law Firm, case number 23-cv-2982, mainly for trademark infringement.

The textual trademark Naruto is registered in multiple categories such as 9, 16, 25, 28, 41:

Popular IPs always have many peripheral products for sale, and Naruto is no exception. Searching for keywords on Amazon, there are still over 20000 related listings. If the Naruto trademark is used without authorization on a listing, it will face the risk of infringement.

In addition to trademark infringement, potential copyright infringement risks for Naruto should also be noted. The relevant character images, pictures, etc. cannot be used without permission, otherwise there is also a risk of infringement even if the Naruto trademark is not used.


AnnoyingPCB buzzer is a novel toy for pranks, which can be easily hidden and randomly emits screams, beeps and other sounds at intervals to achieve the effect of fooling others.

The brand owner, ProtoSands LLC, filed a lawsuit for infringement on May 2, represented by the David Law Firm, with case number 23-cv-2738, mainly suing for trademark infringement and copyright infringement.

AnnoyingPCB is a registered trademark:

The copyright works involved in the case have not been made public yet, but according to the copyright registration information retrieved from the official website of the U.S. Copyright Office, the official product images, videos, and other materials are all protected by copyright and should not be used. For more details, please refer to the brand’s website:



Sabaton was founded in 1999, a five-member metal band from Falun, Sweden, whose songs revolve around classic battles and heroic figures in military history.

The brand owner STUFFED BEAVER LTD filed a lawsuit for infringement on May 11, represented by the SRIPLAW law firm, with case number 23-cv-21774. Although it is not the first time such a case has been filed, it still resulted in the freezing of 137 stores.

The main accusation is trademark infringement and the band name and graphic trademarks are not to be used:

Aside from the aforementioned brands, other brands that have recently been involved in infringement cases include Ironman Triathlon and B.Duck. The infringement issues are mainly focused on trademark and copyright infringement. If you sell related products, be sure to avoid using other people’s trademarks and copyrighted works in your listings.

What should you do if you are inadvertently sued? After receiving a notice from the platform, you can immediately hire a lawyer to analyze and handle the situation. It can be resolved quickly within 1-3 months. If you need professional infringement resolution/litigation services, or want to know if your products are infringing, please feel free to leave a message for consultation~

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