Take it down immediately! 44 popular pictures sue for copyright infringement, affecting home furnishings, clothing and other products!

44 popular pictures demand removal due to copyright infringement, impacting home decor, clothing, and other items Please take them down urgently

The Keith Law Firm, which has been closely monitoring the copyright paintings of artists, has come again! In just a few days, they have filed 5 cases involving 44 copyrighted images, affecting products such as home furnishings, clothing, and stationery. The momentum is strong, and sellers need to conduct self-inspections as soon as possible. If there is a risk of infringement, they should remove the product from the shelves and withdraw it in a timely manner.

The rights protection brands and specific case information are as follows:

①Kayomi Harai Copyright Paintings

The plaintiff KAYOMI HARAI is an imaginative artist, and her works are mostly centered around animals. She uses watercolors, pastels, and colored pencils to develop a unique painting style. Upon entering the brand’s official website, it is discovered that products derived from her works include clothing, backpacks, greeting cards, colored picture albums, home decorations, and more.

On May 30th, they filed 2 cases of copyright infringement, with case numbers 23-cv-3398 and 23-cv-3382. The complaint mentioned as many as 29 copyrighted images. Do not use them on products, product images, or packaging without authorization:

In addition to the above-mentioned works, other works by KAYOMI HARAI should also be avoided, otherwise there will be a risk of infringement. For specific information, please visit the brand’s official website: https://www.kayomiharai.com/index.html.

②RUTH ANN THOMPSON’s copyrighted paintings

Artist RUTH ANN THOMPSON has always been attracted to myths and fantasies, and has transformed her passion into vivid visual effects. She creates mythological creatures and heroes from another realm using pencils, ink, charcoal, oil paint, and digital programs. Dragons, fairies, angels, knights, witches, unicorns, etc. are common themes in her works.

The case was initiated on May 25th, the case number is 23-cv-03302, and it involves 11 copyrighted patterns. Do not use them on products:

These are only a small part of RUTH ANN THOMPSON’s works. Other works that did not appear on this “list” should also be avoided. For more works, please visit the official website: https://redrooart.com/dragon-s-lair.html

③MARK GEMMELL’s copyrighted paintings

The plaintiff MARK GEMMELL is a fine art photographer who specializes in creating quirky and unique animal images, many of which feature cows and sheep.

On May 22, two cases were filed, numbered 23-cv-3193 and 23-cv-3197, which primarily involve the following four copyrighted images:

Similarly, apart from the aforementioned images, Jitu also recommends that everyone take a look at other works on the brand’s official website to avoid unintentional infringement: https://markgemmell.com/prints

These are the three new brands recently represented by Keith Law Firm, which involve many copyrighted works. Sellers must carefully check for any potential infringements and take prompt action if necessary.

Key point:

There are no limits to copyright infringement. Once discovered, any products that infringe on copyright are at risk. Additionally, the U.S. Copyright Office website does not display specific images, which can lead to unintentional infringement. Therefore, Jitu recommends that everyone use their own original works and register their copyrights in a timely manner.

If an original work has not been registered for copyright, it is important to keep the design drafts, earliest publication records, and other evidence of creation with time stamps in order to more quickly and effectively resolve any infringement disputes that may arise.

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