A must-read before going out to sea! 7 Father’s Day marketing data you need to know this year

7 Father's Day marketing data to read before going out to sea!

Father’s Day is still a month away, but the popularity of “Father’s Day gifts” related videos on TikTok has already begun to rise, with the number of views under the #fathersdaygiftideas tag recently reaching 80 million.

On April 11th, the clothing brand Bourbon and Belles released a video of a father and son wearing Father’s Day themed t-shirts, which received 4,000 likes in just 2 days.

More than 90% of the comments section were inquiries about purchasing methods.

If you also want to attract more consumers on Father’s Day, then you must know the following 7 Father’s Day marketing data. These 7 data can help you understand the latest Father’s Day consumer buying preferences and trends, and formulate more accurate marketing strategies.

1. 44% of consumers seek unique gifts for Father’s Day

Data source: NRF

1. Data analysis

Current consumers pay more attention to personalized needs when selecting gifts, and providing personalized gifts for fathers means that these gifts can be customized according to their personalities and preferences, and can better express children’s respect and love for their fathers.

2. Marketing suggestions

Sellers of clothing, home furnishings, accessories, outdoor sports, etc. can consider adding customized options to their Father’s Day-themed products to create differentiated products and enhance brand premiums. For example:

Clothing: Father’s Day themed short-sleeved shirts / hoodies / dresses / hats

Accessories: Customized necklace / bracelet / keychain / decorative sunglasses

Outdoor sports: Customizable portable chairs / camping sets / hiking backpacks / hiking poles

Home: Customized mugs / Father’s Day exclusive aprons / ashtrays / mouse pads

3. Recommendation feature

SHOPLINE’s “Product Customization Plugin” can meet the diverse needs of sellers in customization business, taking clothing as an example:

Provide exclusive customization templates for different product categories, accurately matching product attributes, supporting one-click application by sellers, and helping to improve store conversion rates.

Customization content styles are rich and customizable effects can be previewed: logos, patterns, and text can be customized, and a variety of local font effects and fluorescent effects can be added, making personalized customized products more “unique”.

Support package customization, set up family package sales (father, mother, children), and increase customer unit prices.

2. $32.29- American consumers spend the most on special outings

Data source: NRF

1. Data analysis

American consumers are paying increased attention to experiences and memories when selecting Father’s Day gifts, while demand for outdoor activities has risen after the epidemic , so more and more people choose “special outings” as Father’s Day gifts, such as eating out, traveling, barbecue picnics, basketball and other outdoor activities.

2. Marketing Suggestions

On Father’s Day, consumers have an increased demand for dining and outdoor activities, and related category sellers can use this to carry out marketing, such as:

Textile, home and other industrial and commercial sellers can launch Father’s Day themed decorations to restaurant owners, including Father’s Day themed tablecloths, flags, wall stickers, lamps, tableware, mugs, desktop ornaments, etc.

Sellers of outdoor sports products can push Father’s Day travel guides to consumers through email marketing, embedding products such as picnic mats, barbecue grills, tents, outdoor chairs, and increasing advertising budgets during the holiday period.

3. Recommended Functionality

Sellers can carry out cross-border wholesale business on independent websites through “B2B & Wholesale Solution”, giving products the ability to be sold in small quantities by setting tiered prices, minimum order quantities, and multiples of purchases to increase the average customer price.

Low-cost, high-conversion email marketing is a necessary marketing method for Father’s Day. “SmartPush” provides sellers with exquisite Father’s Day themed email templates while integrating chatGPT’s artificial intelligence to assist sellers in efficiently writing emails and obtaining more copywriting inspiration.

3. Over 50% of young consumers are interested in subscribing to boxes as Father’s Day gifts

Data source: NRF

1. Data Analysis

Most young American consumers have a positive attitude towards subscribing to boxes as Father’s Day gifts. Subscription boxes provide the convenience and novelty of regular delivery, while also satisfying consumers’ demands for personalization and fresh experiences.

2. Marketing Suggestions

Sellers can customize different subscription boxes based on “father’s hobby tags”, such as “For Sports Fan Dad”, “For Food Connoisseur Dad”, “For my artist dad”, etc. These personalized subscription boxes can make gift buyers easily choose the right one, and long-term subscription plans can also deliver surprises to consumers regularly and on time. Dozens of well-known overseas brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox, Bespoke Post, Sunday, etc. have launched themed subscription boxes for Father’s Day.

3. Recommendation Function

● SHOPLINE’s “Subscription Purchase Plugin” can help sellers easily open subscription sales in their store, including creating subscription plans, managing subscription contracts and users, setting subscription styles, and analyzing subscription data. The operation is simple and easy to use.

4. 46% of consumers will choose gift cards as Father’s Day gifts.

Data source: NRF

1. Data Analysis

Gift cards have flexibility and personalization characteristics. Gift cards allow fathers to freely choose their favorite gifts, or to shop at specific stores or brands to meet personalized needs. In addition, choosing gift cards can also avoid the trouble of not knowing how to choose gifts.

2. Marketing Suggestions

Launch a special customized Father’s Day gift card, such as a gift card with Father’s Day blessings or Father’s Day themes, to increase the personalization and emotional value of the gift card.

Collaborate with internet celebrities on social media platforms and launch co-branded gift cards to increase brand exposure and gift card sales volume.

Carry out various marketing activities around gift cards, such as spinning wheel lottery, member registration gifts, social media comment extraction, and other activities.

3. Recommendation function

The SHIPLINE backend has a special “gift card” function, which supports sellers to create and list gift card products. Sellers can also use functions such as “lucky spinning wheel” and “membership system” to carry out various marketing activities around gift cards.

Five, 47% of women plan to buy gifts for their husbands on Father’s Day

Data source: NRF

1. Data analysis

On Father’s Day, it is not just children who express gratitude, but also wives. Father’s Day provides a special opportunity for women to show their husbands their importance and appreciation for them or for the family.

2. Marketing suggestions

When marketing to women on Father’s Day, it can not only be limited to the role of fathers. For example, launch gifts that are suitable for wives to give to their husbands before Father’s Day.

At the same time, emphasize the meaning of the gift for husbands and families in advertisements and marketing activities, and link the purchase of gifts with expressing gratitude and strengthening family emotional connections.

Six, 52% of consumers consider high shipping costs to be an important annoyance when buying gifts online.

Data source: INVIQA

1. Data analysis

This indicates that consumers are very sensitive to shipping fees, and if the shipping fee is too high, a large number of consumers will be lost. Sellers should pay attention to shipping fees and formulate marketing strategies accordingly.

2. Marketing suggestions

Design some promotional activities related to shipping fees: such as limited-time free shipping, full amount reduction of shipping fees, etc. These promotional activities can not only attract consumers, but also stimulate consumer purchases and increase sales.

● Provide transparent shipping fee information: ensure that consumers can clearly understand the shipping fee information during the shopping process, including indicating shipping fees on the product page, displaying the total shipping fee on the shopping cart page, etc.

● Provide more logistics options: such as express delivery, regular mail, etc., so that consumers can choose more suitable logistics methods according to their own needs.

Six, 46% Z generation consumers use social media to get gift inspiration

Data source: NRF

1. Data analysis

Z generation is the native of the digital age, and is very familiar with the use of social media. When shopping, they pay more attention to efficiency and convenience. On social media platforms, they can search for a large number of gift inspirations and recommendations, which can help them quickly find suitable gifts. Therefore, more and more Z generation groups prefer to shop through social media.

2. Marketing suggestions

● Before Father’s Day, publish content related to Father’s Day through brand social media accounts, such as gift recommendations, Father’s Day activities, expressions of love, etc.

Actively respond to comments and questions related to Father’s Day on social media. Engage with users, answer questions, provide purchase advice and recommendations.

Launch advertising campaigns targeting Father’s Day on social media platforms to increase brand exposure.

3. Recommendation function

Sellers can easily install TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Kwai and other social media platform pixels on the SHOPLINE backend to track advertising data from various social media platforms, reject blind submissions, and improve conversion rates.

The above are 7 Father’s Day marketing data worth paying attention to this year.

Sellers can develop marketing strategies based on consumer preferences and trends reflected by the above data feedback. In addition, sellers also need to focus on innovation and personalization of marketing strategies, and attract consumers’ attention through multiple channels and ways.

Finally, I wish all the sellers who have come to this point a successful Father’s Day sale!

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