Post-90s female CEO, with a team of less than 20 people, achieved an annual growth of over 400% on Amazon Australia

A female CEO with less than 20 team members achieved over 400% annual growth on Amazon Australia as a post-90s

On Amazon, consumer electronics represented by audio products can be said to be one of the most fiercely competitive categories, with numerous international brands entering the market hoping to get a piece of the pie.

However, a domestic brand called Srhythm, with a team of less than twenty people, has managed to establish itself in Australia with a combination of products, operations, logistics, and marketing, achieving an annual growth rate of over 400% and ranking among the top in its main product category.

How did Srhythm succeed in breaking through the “red ocean”?

Why is this emerging brand able to leverage large traffic?

The starting point of the story dates back to 2017…

01 , Focus on Audio, Cross-border “Making Money”

As a post-90s generation, Peng Jiao once worked for a domestic leading enterprise. However, the shiny workplace in the eyes of her peers was not what Peng Jiao was concerned about. Wherever she went, she always valued how to learn more and how to do things better.

Therefore, after working for a period of time, she chose to join a headphone company and do foreign trade ToB business, exploring different fields. During her participation in the project, Peng Jiao naturally came into contact with Amazon, an e-commerce website with low entry barriers, fair and just rules, and a young audience, leaving a deep impression on her. With a deeper understanding of the headphone foreign trade industry, Peng Jiao had the idea of starting her own audio brand.

In 2017, she told three friends, “I want to try Amazon.” Unexpectedly, they agreed, and the audio brand Srhythm was born.

Srhythm Team

Currently, Srhythm’s main overseas business layout is centered around Amazon. Amazon sales account for around 80% of its overall business, which gives Peng Jiao greater confidence in the company. Therefore, after Srhythm’s audio products were successfully sold on European and American sites, she decided to expand the business map and synchronize the products to more emerging Amazon sites, with the most impressive performance being the Australian site.

In 2017, Amazon’s Australian site officially opened to Chinese sellers, and Srhythm was one of the first “crab-eating people”. Although Amazon had just started in Australia at the time, Srhythm saw an opportunity in this blue ocean. They persisted step by step and finally reached a new peak in the traffic explosion of the Australian site.

Peng Jiao

I am very optimistic about the potential of the Australian site. Australia’s per capita consumption power belongs to developed countries, which is better than many e-commerce regions. This is also very consistent with the high-end positioning of our products, so when the Australian site opened, I moved in.

Moreover, compared to other sites, the profits of the Australian site are more considerable because many other site projects that require fees are free on the Australian site, such as flash sales (LD) and top deals.

As an emerging site, the Australian site still has traffic bias, so the cost-effectiveness of our marketing investment is very high, and operating costs will be lower.

In terms of practicality, “because audio products are relatively universal”, the preferences of European, American, and Australian consumers are very similar, and almost all European and American product selection and operational experience can be directly “copied” and expanded very easily.

Peng Jiao added: “Australian consumers are relatively tolerant of products, and the rating of the same product on the Australian website will be higher than on other websites.”

02, Cultivate product strength and win in vertical fields

Over the past five years, Srhythm has been focusing on audio products and has created core competitiveness for Srhythm to break through the red sea track of headphones by improving product quality and cost-effectiveness to the extreme.

In terms of product development, Srhythm has always insisted on the concept of simplicity, simplicity, and user-friendliness, rejecting the technology stack that is of no practical help to the user experience. “This way, the product functions will be simpler, and consumers will find it very convenient to use.” At the same time, Srhythm also uses Amazon’s massive real user reviews to optimize products based on the latest feedback.

Case study

Why can’t the headphones be charged?

Once, Srhythm received feedback from users that sometimes the battery could not be charged. The team was puzzled because the product had passed quality inspection. It wasn’t until they collected and sorted out Amazon buyer reviews that they got the answer to this problem.

It turned out that most users who gave similar feedback came from colder countries, with temperatures as low as tens of degrees below zero, which made charging impossible. Therefore, the operation team immediately gave feedback to the factory on this issue and optimized product performance in a timely manner.

Peng Jiao

Strictly speaking, this is not a product quality issue, but rather different countries have different usage situations. Therefore, cross-border e-commerce requires an understanding of the actual usage situation in each country. The massive reviews on Amazon are one of the best channels to help Srhythm understand local user usage.

03 Four Steps to Growth: Seizing the Traffic Windfall

After several years of steady growth, in 2022, Amazon Australia experienced a surge in traffic and became the top e-commerce website in terms of monthly independent visitors in Australia. The consumer electronics category, which includes audio products, also saw a peak in popularity on the basis of the already thriving Australian market. Peng Jiao has a very intuitive understanding of this phenomenon:

Peng Jiao

A few years ago, due to the initial incomplete functionality of the Australian site and the fact that traffic was still in its infancy, our growth was relatively slow. However, last year, due to the overall increase in traffic on Amazon’s Australian site, our growth suddenly became very rapid.

Relying on its own strength and years of accumulation, Srhythm successfully seized this wave of traffic opportunities, and Amazon Australia’s performance grew by 412% annually.

So, how did Srhythm do it? Listen to Peng Jiao explain in detail for you.

First Step to Growth Building a Brand

Focusing on growth strategies, Srhythm in the Australian market has always emphasized improving sales conversion and user loyalty through brand strength, in order to stand out in fierce competition.

✅From product functionality to design, Srhythm consistently incorporates simplicity and youthfulness as brand attributes, strengthening brand memory points and successfully leaving a consistent brand image in consumers’ minds.

✅Using the brand flagship store and A+ page, Srhythm combines images, text, and video to help potential customers fully understand Srhythm’s brand concept, product selling points, and usage scenarios, effectively building the brand image.

Srhythm’s sales data also indirectly proves the success of this brand strategy – Srhythm’s users on Amazon Australia are mainly concentrated in the 18-35 age range, belonging to the standard Gen Z. These young users are happy to share the brands and products they identify with on social media, further driving brand traffic.

Step Two of Growth Innovative Drainage

Internal traffic: Srhythm frequently uses various Amazon promotions and advertising tools, and under the guidance of account managers, submits top deals to steadily promote product exposure and conversion rates in daily operations. Srhythm also attaches great importance to key promotions such as Amazon Prime Day and the end-of-year promotion period on the Australian site, as the surge in traffic during this period not only helps to increase the sales of existing products but is also a golden opportunity to promote new products.

Practical case

End-of-year promotion period

Due to the longer duration of the local end-of-year promotion period on the Australian site, especially after submitting top deals, Srhythm often obtains more traffic exposure and has an impressive track record.

Prior to the start of the end-of-year promotion period, Srhythm will prepare adequate inventory to avoid stockouts. At the same time, the team will start optimizing rankings three months in advance, sprinting in the last month or so, and using advertising and other internal and external traffic tools to optimize performance during the promotion.

External traffic: Srhythm has opened its own social media account and frequently interacts with fans. Now, videos with the #Srhythm tag on TikTok have received over 2.4 million views. In addition, external coupon websites are also one of Srhythm’s “traffic weapons”.

Step 3: Optimize Logistics

After successfully attracting customers through brand building and traffic acquisition, logistics management becomes the “lifeline” of Srhythm’s performance growth. For Srhythm, well-functioning logistics and inventory management have two main benefits:

✅ Ensuring timely delivery of popular products, improving inventory performance index (IPI) scores and customer satisfaction.

✅ Avoiding frequent replenishment costs, reducing costs and increasing profit margins.

Step 4: Manager Assistance

Srhythm maintains close communication with its account manager at the Australian station, so the account manager can provide timely assistance based on its different stage needs. In the start-up period, the manager provided Srhythm with one-on-one guidance and a lot of resources support to help it quickly break through. “He would push all the resources he had to us.”

When Srhythm’s business in the Australian station is running smoothly, the account manager will assist Srhythm in analyzing operational data, which will help Srhythm’s future advertising placement, brand positioning, and product selection planning strategies. The manager will also provide long-term guidance for Srhythm’s major promotions and daily promotions.

Step 4: Expand Business in the Advantageous Field

For Peng Jiao, entrepreneurship always comes with challenges from the start-up period to the mature period. In the future, Srhythm will focus on how to maintain its high growth momentum in the Australian station.

In addition to increasing investment in advertising and other marketing aspects to “expand traffic”, Srhythm, which is stable and steady, will continue to focus on the electronics field, play to its own advantages, and accelerate “expanding sales”.

On the one hand, Srhythm will continue to explore the potential of audio products and develop new products to meet different user needs. On the other hand, Srhythm will also try to explore other popular categories on the Australian website, such as audio, smart home appliances, and vacuum robots, to expand its business and reach a larger audience.

Amazon global storefront: As a rising brand, Srhythm’s category ranking for audio products has surpassed that of many international brands in just five years. Does Peng Jiao have any suggestions to share with new sellers on the Australian site?

Peng Jiao:

In a fiercely competitive market, only by cultivating unique brand and product strengths can one truly win over users.

The growth rate of traffic on the Australian site is rapid, especially for sellers who have experience with mature European and American sites. It is recommended that they join the site as soon as possible.

To capitalize on the traffic dividends of the site, one must have a business strategy that matches the growth of the market, such as logistics inventory, on-site and off-site traffic flow, etc.

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