The A+ videos have been made and the advertisements have also been launched Here’s the solution to the problem of no orders for Amazon’s new products

A+ videos made, ads launched, solution to Amazon's new product orders

A question from a student: As an FBA seller, I have a new product priced at over $40 that has been listed for almost a month. I have created an A+ video and also turned on automatic advertising. Although there have been impressions and clicks, there have been no orders on the site, while there have been a few outside of the site. The boss is very anxious because the inventory shipped by sea will arrive soon, and we need to quickly increase the number of orders.

Case analysis: Without considering the possibility of a product selection error, here is a big idea:

Students who are familiar with the “Big Golden Chain” know that the logic of the “Big Golden Chain” has always been based on the 4P theory of sales, that is, where to sell products, what products to sell, what pricing strategy to adopt, and how to operate and promote them.

OK, because this is an FBA product, and under certain conditions, we can roughly consider the problem from the remaining three perspectives (plus one market).

1. Site: Can we sell the same product on different sites and share inventory? Note: For items that are shipped by Amazon, inventory cannot currently be shared between multiple marketplaces.

2. Market: Since it is a high-priced product, we need to consider the sales volume of competitors and the overall market size, how much we can get, the conversion rate of the category, whether it is the off-season or the peak season, and when is the real peak season.

3. Price: For normal FBA new products, if there are no major product selection errors, there should be no problem with the listing, and automatic advertising should lead to orders within a month. Because Amazon provides one month of traffic support for new products, the core reason for not receiving orders is often that the price is too high. Think about it, when a new product is launched and a new store opens, which business doesn’t promote it through some sales and advertising? The greater the effort, the more the new product will sell, and the more weight Amazon will give to your product. So what are some pricing strategies? Coupons, promotional management, sale prices, as well as later promotions for new products such as flash sales, Prime exclusive discounts, and site-wide deals. Of course, the most direct strategy is to lower the price (not recommended). Once the low-priced promotion starts ranking, gradually raise the price.

4. Operation and Promotion: There are a lot of contents in this section.

1. Quality of listing: The biggest possibility of the case above may be that there are problems with the basic listing, and it is necessary to cultivate the basic skills of listing quality because the click-through rate is high but there is no exposure, so the quality of the listing may be worrying. It is important to optimize the keywords.

2. Credit rating: Comments are one of the biggest driving factors for customer sales. 90% of customers read buyer comments and make purchase decisions based on them. High unit price product comments or star ratings or Q&A should have at least one or several better ones. Without any credit, and the product is not a private monopoly product, it is difficult to handle. You can try the VINE plan and real-person evaluations. Q&A must be tried because it is such a low-cost investment.

3. Analyze advertising data: For example, since you have been running ads for a while, have your keyword rankings reached the homepage? Can your high-traffic keywords appear on the first two pages? You need to pay attention to your keyword rankings every day, and also exclude the ASINs and keywords of competitors with higher competitiveness. You also need to check the invalid traffic, and check the keyword rankings of your competitors. There is a Google plug-in called “Sif – Amazon Listing and Advertising Optimization” that can check your competitors’ traffic words and compare them with your own.

4. Several key points in advertising: Budget (multiple test versions, suggested budget data) and bidding can be flexibly adjusted. Bidding strategies for advertising activities, and new products can have dynamic bidding.

Only reduce and fix bid switching. Use display position adjustment (replace bid+) – this search result can give you 41% at the top of the homepage, but the exposure at the top is still low. Optimize the bid and increase the exposure at the top of the homepage. There are automatic advertising and manual advertising for product promotion, which can be switched. You can also try to do ASIN positioning advertising: find ASINs with no or few comments in the new product list and invest in them. In addition to product promotion, you can also try brand display advertising.

5. Ranking outside the website: You can try to use site-wide deals, unboxing or instructional videos made by workers, and provide the code. If you can generate orders outside the website, then increase the order volume to improve your ranking.

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