Meta Product Update | Automatically Add Product Tags to Qualified IG Carousel Format Static Ads

Add Tags to IG Carousel Ads Automatically

Starting from May 2023, advertisers can use static ads with product tags in most formats (single image, video, carousel) for the IG dynamic message placement and the IG Reels placement (single image, carousel format).

Starting from May 23rd, Meta will add “business information and advertising asset authenticity” prompt information on the [OE account opening] tool.

1. [Instagram] New Launch: Automatically add product tags to eligible IG carousel format static ads

It has been proven since 2019 that ads with product tags can help audiences easily discover and consider products, thereby improving the effectiveness of ads (increasing conversion cost by up to 20-33%). Meta suggests that advertisers use product tags as the default option for these ads created in the ad management tool, and for the single image format and IG carousel format in the explore placement, in order to maximize the advantages of product tags and avoid manually tagging all images and products. Advertisers can choose to opt out of using automatic tagging for ad campaigns in the following ways: Ads with a website destination: For the single image format, click “Creative Tools” and switch “Auto-tag products” off. For the carousel format, click “Creative Tools” and manually delete the suggested products. Ads with a website and store destination (“store ads”): Click “Creative Tools”-“Optimize for Store” and then switch to “Manual” instead of “Auto”.

Q&A section:

Q: How do I know if a product tag has been automatically added to an ad by default? A: For static or dynamic ads that have not been added to advanced empowered creatives, you will receive a notification under the ad creative in the ad management tool to let you know if we have automatically added tags. Q: Can I edit the product tag for a single product or image? A: For dynamic ads, individual product tags that are automatically applied to dynamic ads cannot be edited separately. For automatic tagging of all products, you can only choose to turn it on or off. You can change this setting at any time in the Creative Tools section of the ad management tool. For static ads, advertisers can edit the location of the product tag appearing on the image. Q: How are product tags automatically added to dynamic ads? A: Because dynamic ads are directory-based, we can generate product tags with relevant product names. Our computer vision library determines the best location for the product tag. Q: How are product tags automatically added to static ads? A: We use computer vision to determine if the product in the image matches the product in the advertiser’s store catalog. If we have high confidence that there is a matching product, the product tag will be automatically added to the ad. Q: Will automatic tagging affect my current running ad campaigns or only new ones? A: For static ads, automatic tagging will not affect ad campaigns that were already live before the feature was launched. Only eligible ad campaigns launched after the feature is launched will receive automatic suggested product tags. Q: If I use multiple product catalogs in my ads, which catalogs will be used for automatic product matching? A: Assisted tagging is only available for advertisers with stores. We will use all available catalogs for automatic tagging.

2. [OE Account Opening] Adding New Important Reminder

Meta will add a reminder on the [OE Account Opening] tool for “the authenticity of business information and advertising assets”. This is to remind advertisers to use real user accounts for business asset settings and to avoid account restrictions caused by using false information. Advertisers will see the reminder when entering company information during the OE account opening process. All advertisers will be able to see this reminder, which is for information purposes only and will not have any additional impact on the account opening process. In addition, YinoLink, a professional overseas marketing service provider, has uploaded a practical course on “Account Opening and OE Precautions” in the “YinoLink Friday Overseas Marketing Academy”. Advertisers who want to learn more about “OE Account Opening” can search for the official website of “YinoLink Friday Overseas Marketing Academy” and learn for free~

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