[Amazon Daily Deals & 197] This waist belt is amazing, with 400 reviews in just two months!

Amazing waist belt with 400 reviews in two months on Amazon Daily Deals & 197


Region: Guangzhou, Guangdong

Products: Leather belts

Number of products in store: 14

Feedback: 275 in the past 30 days, 8333 total

Expected daily orders: 2000

Monthly sales: $1 million USD

Monthly profit: 1.4 million RMB

Opening date: April 2018


Hello everyone, in this issue we introduce a seller from Guangzhou on Amazon’s US site, named CHAOREN, who mainly sells belts under the clothing category. The store has 14 products, with 275 feedback in the past 30 days and 8333 total. It is expected to receive 2000 orders per day, generating monthly sales of $1 million USD and monthly profits of 1.4 million RMB. The store was opened in April 2018.

Belts are not only a daily necessity, but also a continuation and symbol of cowboy culture in the United States. Belts are widely used, not only for pants for both men and women, but also for decoration on upper body clothing. In terms of materials, there are different options, such as animal leather, artificial leather, cloth, plastic, and metal, to meet the preferences and needs of different customer groups.

In this issue, we introduce the store’s genuine leather belts, which are priced at $16.99 USD and have monthly sales of 1100. This product was launched on December 16, 2022, and has managed to accumulate 400 reviews in such a short time. It is evident that the promotional techniques used by this seller are exceptional.

Let’s take a closer look at this product. Its features are as follows: Firstly, this belt is made of carefully selected genuine leather, using a unique scientific technology that not only prevents cracking but also perfectly matches the color tone of formal wear and shoes. Secondly, this belt is designed with 7 holes, suitable for most waist sizes, greatly reducing concerns about purchasing and returning due to size issues. Thirdly, this product comes with exquisite packaging and can be given as a gift after purchase. From this, we can see that this seller has put considerable thought into their products and the preferences of American customers.

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