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Amazon Account Security Management

What discounts are the easiest to stack?

1. Promotional codes (social media, discount codes)

2. Coupons

(10% off for 90%, 20% off for 80%, 30% off for 70%, etc.)

3. Corporate pricing (discounted prices for bulk purchases by corporate buyers)

4. Prime exclusive discounts

5. Subscription discounts (discount coupons for repeat customers)

Note that when using a new discount method, be sure to turn off the previous discount method.

Case: A classmate created a 50% discount code to attract traffic off-site that night, and planned to cancel the 50% discount coupon for the service provider the next morning. As a result, the two discounts were stacked, equivalent to receiving $0 payment (when the order is shipped and displayed in green, the actual sales amount of $0 will be seen. At the time of the order, the sale price was still displayed.) Hundreds of orders were lost in one night, resulting in a loss of tens of thousands, plus FBA fees.

Outcome: If the loss is too great to accept, the only option is to abandon the order, but remember to cancel the credit card.

Account suspension levels:

1. Suspended – Suspended with appeal opportunity

2. Block – Terminated with appeal opportunity, but not necessarily successful

3. Fraud – Fraudulent accounts cannot be logged in, and funds are frozen.

What are the main reasons for account suspension?

1. Account association:

1) Multiple accounts cannot be logged in on the same computer or network.

2) If the same product is synchronized to multiple stores, the image similarity must be less than 30%, and the product description, SKU, and other content must be modified.

3) Multiple accounts can be managed and operated on the same computer using a VPS, but the VPS cannot be used to register accounts.

2. Intellectual Property Infringement: It mainly includes copyright infringement, trademark infringement, infringement of invention patents, and infringement of design patents. If more than 60% of the design patent is similar, it is considered infringement. The format of a design patent number is valid for 15 years.

China: CN201930024106.9

United States: D919446;

The format of an invention patent number is valid for 20 years.

China: CN200810139812.9

United States: US13283887

If there is a complaint after infringement:

It is recommended to follow Amazon’s official requirements: first contact the complainant for friendly negotiation. Alternatively, contact Amazon by email. If you are sued by the court and a temporary restraining order (TRO) freezes your account funds:

1. Obtain information about the infringing products and the case through platform notifications and/or lawyer emails.

2. Send the platform notification or lawyer email to a lawyer for evaluation (whether there is a real infringement, whether there is a defense of non-infringement, the status of the case, the situation of the plaintiff’s lawyer, the standard of settlement, etc.).

3. Choose to settle, defend, or give up (based on the overall store operation, store frozen funds, the cost of settlement or defense, the possibility of association with other normal stores, etc.).

How to avoid trademark infringement?

Regularly check- the title, picture, five points, description, and ST keywords should not include other brands.

3. Non-genuine product complaints

The goods are falsely advertised and encountered VC tampering.

Contact US customer service for appeal in English case in the middle of the night, providing purchase contracts, invoices, and trademark information.

4. Product safety issues

Do you need to classify and review the products before uploading them?

When shipping, do you need to check for dangerous goods? Or do you need to provide any certification?

Unclear situations can be directly consulted with Amazon customer service.

5. Complaints about used products

The product has stains, the external packaging is damaged, the product quality has problems, there are missing or leaked accessories, and Amazon’s returned goods may be put back on the shelves, and malicious complaints from competitors cannot be ruled out. After being complained, the general appeal is to remove the product from the shelves, unless it is very serious, which may result in account suspension.

6. Manipulating comments

1. Brushing orders (leaving too many reviews)

2. Deleting negative reviews (high rate of deletion)

3. Soliciting reviews (frequently taking the initiative to contact buyers)

4. Direct review (no need to place an order, leave a review directly)

5. Customized VP, customized rating (using a small account to sell, leave a review with a self-owned account)

6. After-sales card, gift card guided review

7. Second review of the account

Provide water and electricity bills or network bills within 90 days for appeal.

8. Abuse of variations

Allow the creation of variations, in the same category, and the variation theme is consistent, such as differences in color between variations.

9. Other reasons for account suspension

  1. Prohibit driving customers outside the site

  2. Prohibit sending customers in-site marketing emails

  3. Prohibit misuse of buyer’s phone number to send promotional messages

  4. Handle A-to-z claims in a timely manner

  5. Do not use your own buyer account to purchase your own products

  6. Do not exaggerate the historical sales volume of your own products in the listing

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