Amazon Consumer Notification Act Solution to Account Suspension Risk

Amazon Act for Account Suspension Risk Solution

The “INFORM Consumers Act” is a new federal law in the United States that will take effect on June 27, 2023, Beijing time. The law imposes new obligations on third-party sellers who sell goods on Amazon’s US marketplace and meet certain requirements (see below). The new regulations require all sellers who meet the relevant requirements to:

Provide business information, and Amazon also has an obligation to collect, verify, and disclose relevant information.

Maintain the timeliness of this information and notify Amazon when this information changes, at which point Amazon must verify the new information.

Verify the information annually to ensure its timeliness and accuracy.

The targeted market is the US market. Today, many sellers received the following message: “In accordance with the new legal terms, to avoid any impact on your payment or selling privileges, please click on the following operation item to visit the seller account information page and complete the pending requirements. After completing the identity verification, the system may require you to verify one or more additional pieces of information that need to be verified.”

About this situation, how to operate, Da Jin Lian Zi replies:

1. Some sellers have reported that they have not received the verification information and there have been no changes to their stores. The main reason should be that the law applies to third-party sellers who sell on Amazon’s marketplace and meet the following conditions: in the past 24 months, the sales volume of new (or unused) goods has reached (or exceeded) 200 units for 12 consecutive months, and the total transaction amount exceeds $5,000.

2. Some sellers reported receiving verification information in the morning, but after refreshing in the afternoon, it disappeared. This can be completely ignored and should be a bug in Amazon’s system.

3. Verification is required, but when notified about bank verification or deposit methods, there is no upload or verification entrance. Amazon customer service replied: “Good morning to all sellers. It seems that all seller backends today popped up with prompts about the ‘Consumer Inform Act’ and information verification. Sellers tried to submit verification and showed a system error, which should be a system problem. It is recommended to not operate today. We will follow up with the US team in a timely manner and notify you of any updates.”

4. If it is necessary to submit, take WorldFirst as an example: you can send an email to our WorldFirst email with the manually checked account statement for verification, using the email address bound to your account. You need to provide the following information: Please provide the platform prompt screenshot and the following information when applying: 1. Account number for issuing account statement 2. Title of the account statement (needs to be consistent with the platform registration information) 3. Address of the account statement (needs to be consistent with the platform registration information) 4. If the title is the name of a company, please also provide the business license; if the title is personal, please provide identity document proof. If the backend address is in Chinese, write it in Chinese, and if it is in English, write it in English. Regarding the address: if the address on the business license is the same as the office address, write this address, if the address is different, write the office address of the backend.

5. If it is a PingPong payment, if you want to apply for an account statement, first find the receiving account in PingPong, as shown below: (currently we only provide PingPong’s account statement submission for review, waiting for results)

After clicking into the receiving account, click as shown below:

Choose the left side for proof documents needed and the right side for account statement needed. As shown below:

The name and address of the account holder need to be filled in with the Amazon account name and address after it.

6. Many Amazon sellers have responded that their Amazon accounts are over 5 years old and need to provide the following information within 60 days:

a. Information about the seller’s business;

b. Seller’s identity information;

c. Government-issued photo ID;

d. Bank account or credit card statement;

e. Business license (if applicable).

Note: The credit card used for fees may not be the legal person’s, but the credit card statement for review must be the legal person’s!

Case 1. If the Amazon account is registered in the name of the company, the business license has not been cancelled, and the legal person is willing to cooperate, there is no problem, and the review can be passed quickly by submitting the required information.

Situation 2: Before 2017, individuals could apply for an Amazon account. How can an individual Amazon account pass the audit? Clicking on the audit link will take you to submit company information, and individuals have no choice.


1. Contact customer service, open a case in both Chinese and English, and tell customer service that you are an individual account and need a link for personal information verification. Submit your ID card and credit card bill, and you’re good to go.

2. First register for a business license, and then change the original personal information in the background to a company. Should you register as an individual business license or a corporate business license? I suggest that you register a corporate business license, so that you can buy insurance in the Amazon background with a corporate business license.

Many individual sellers have successfully contacted customer service and passed through the verification process with the help of customer service links. Of course, there are also some individual sellers who are asked to re-verify after passing the verification, and they need to provide a business license. This is Amazon, don’t be surprised, just deal with it.

Situation 3: What should you do if your business license is cancelled or the legal representative is lost?

1. I am currently trying it out myself. You can use a completely different set of information to pass the audit. First update the company and address in the tax information in the background, and then submit new information. There is a chance that it will be approved!

2. The approval service provided by service providers on the market is not expensive, and it can be done within 1,000 RMB. Their principle is to use a completely new set of information to help you get approved, or to deceive Amazon’s robots. There are fraud or associated risks involved, which can only delay the time to clear inventory and withdraw funds.

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