Good news for high average order value products, Amazon has added a favorable feature for product selection, which can increase the number of orders!

Amazon added a feature that benefits high average order value products, increasing the number of orders

Seller friends, have you noticed the new description on this Listing page?! Amazon buyers can now pay in installments at 0% interest!

Amazon has launched the flexible buyer installment payment, which allows buyers to purchase higher-priced items by spreading the cost over several months.

Therefore, if you participate in this program, you have the opportunity to increase sales of such products!

🔺Attention! This tool is free for a limited time and there is less than a month left. Starting in June, there will be a fee, please go to the seller platform to see the specific notice. By signing up for this plan, you can enjoy a 0-cost trial until May 31, 2023! As long as you sell high and medium-priced products on the European site, you have the opportunity to join the program!

Step 1:

Go to the seller platform, select the growth menu->browse plan->increase conversion rate, find flexible buyer installment payment, and click to learn more.

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Step 2:

Click “start registration” at the top of the screen to join the plan.

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Step 3:

Check the eligible products and add the ones you want. You can choose to add them one by one, use templates to add them in bulk, or add all eligible products with one click.

📍Special reminder: You can only register for products that are currently on sale.

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Step 4:

Select the start and end dates for the product.

We recommend that you provide at least 90 days to give you enough time to promote sales through installment payments and to obtain enough data for your reference and evaluation.

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Step 5:

After registering the product, manage its performance. You can view the number of items sold and sales revenue through installment payments by clicking “manage registered products”. You can also cancel registered products as needed.

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How to determine if a product has been successfully registered?

You can check whether the product has been successfully registered through the status on this page.

At the same time, you can view the banner examples displayed to buyers on the product’s front-end page. The words “0% installment payment per year” will be displayed on the ASIN details page and payment page of qualified products.

When can I receive payment after the buyer completes the purchase?

💡Answer: Through this plan, you can allow buyers to purchase your products through interest-free installment payments, and you will still receive one full payment at the regular payment cycle.

Can flexible buyer installment payments be combined with other promotions?

💡Answer: Yes.

Will I be affected if the buyer does not repay the installment payment in a timely manner?

💡Answer: If the buyer does not repay the installment payment, your seller account will not be affected. As for your net sales revenue, you will receive one full payment in each regular payment cycle.

How is flexible buyer installment payment charged?

💡Answer: Note: Amazon will not charge flexible buyer financing (FCF) fees for products purchased by buyers before May 31, 2023. Join now and try it out in the last month!

Can I choose the installment period for installment payments?

💡Answer: During the limited-time free period, all installment options are opened by default. The “Seller chooses installment options” function will be launched 15 days before the end of the limited-time free period.

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