Amazon Alexa Exclusive Launch – Amazon’s brand advertising bidding strategy and ad placement adjustment function are here!

Amazon Alexa now has brand advertising bidding strategy and ad placement adjustment function

Amazon Alexa has once again innovated and exclusively released a major feature – brand promotion ad bidding strategies and ad slot adjustments on May 29, 2023 Beijing time. This is a huge breakthrough for brand sellers as it provides more control and strategy combinations for managing and optimizing brand ads to maintain strong competitiveness in brand competition. As an important tool and means to increase brand awareness and ad sales conversion, brand advertising has been increasingly adopted by Chinese sellers. Through carefully crafted graphic or video content, brand ads lead consumers to the seller’s brand flagship store or product collection page, presenting them with a dazzling array of products, telling them the brand’s story, attracting more consumers to purchase the brand’s products, and cultivating user trust in the brand. However, at the same time, the units that brand ads can adjust and control are relatively few, making it difficult for sellers to use various ad strategies to achieve business goals, and there is no data insight for different ad slots’ performance. The feature exclusively released by Amazon Alexa perfectly solves the pain points of sellers, allowing Alexa’s users to achieve various flexible combination strategies on brand ads, with controllability even better than mature product promotion ads, and provides comprehensive ad slot data analysis and visualized charts: Automatic bid strategies: Amazon Alexa provides two different automatic bid strategies for brand ads. Automatic bid-maximize sales: Choosing this bid strategy will display brand ads to as many potential conversion users as possible through Amazon’s automatic algorithm, helping sellers achieve maximum ad sales; this is very useful for users who are just starting to build their brand and want to achieve brand ad conversion as much as possible. Automatic bid-maximize brand new customers: Choosing this bid strategy will display ads to potential customers who have not yet been reached by the brand as much as possible through Amazon’s automatic algorithm, obtaining more brand new customer conversions; this is very effective for users who have already started brand building and hope to quickly expand their brand influence. Manual bid strategy: In addition, this feature also provides manual bid strategies, allowing Alexa users to set bidding ratios for user groups and ad slots: Brand new customer group bidding ratio setting: Alexa users can set bidding ratios to increase bids for potential brand new customers, with a maximum increase of 900%, which is 10 times the bid placement. This allows sellers to more aggressively and flexibly increase the chance of ads being shown to potential brand new customers in combination with business goals. Ad slot bidding ratio setting: Alexa users can set bidding ratios for homepage ad slots, product page ad slots, and other ad slots separately or

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