Amazon and DHL are partnering to handle unpacked return packages!

Amazon and DHL to handle return packages

BusinessDialogue has learned that German consumers will soon be able to place unpackaged Amazon returns in DHL parcel lockers. Since October 2022, Amazon and DHL have been working together to process unpackaged returns. Now, the service is expanding.

As of last October, German consumers could return their Amazon products in their original packaging at DHL points. DHL points have specific paper bags in which the products will be packaged. Customers need to present the QR code created by Amazon, and then DHL points can print the label and send the product back to Amazon.

Responding to customer demand

Now, Amazon and DHL are expanding this return service in Germany. DHL couriers will carry paper bags to wrap items and affix return labels to them. “From June 2023, all DHL parcel shops and all DHL parcel lockers will be able to handle unpackaged returns,” Swiss Post wrote in an internal message to its branch partners. DHL, a subsidiary of German Post, is responding to customer demand.

“This service has been well received by customers and has therefore been expanded to include the above format. Since its launch on October 10, 2022, our branch network has accepted more than 13 million unpackaged returns.”

BusinessDialogue understands that if parcel shops want to offer return services, Amazon requires them to provide shipping bags to pack the returned items. Moreover, all returned items are consolidated in large boxes and shipped out within 7 days. Some DHL store owners have given negative feedback on this service because of the space taken up by these large boxes and the extra workload.


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