Amazon Brazil has officially opened a trial operation for Chinese merchants How to quickly increase sales?

Amazon Brazil trials Chinese merchants Tips to boost sales?

Recently, Amazon Global Selling announced that the Amazon Brazil site has officially opened trial operations to Chinese merchants. During the trial operation period, Amazon sellers can receive a lot of support, such as a large amount of additional traffic resources, and various on-site promotion activities such as coupons, flash sales, and featured products. These benefits can help sellers promote their products during the big promotion period.

The logistics aspect is the most concerned by the sellers. The solution chosen by Amazon is to use the MFN/FBM model, which means that after the seller receives a consumer order, they will deliver the goods to the consumer themselves.

This logistics and delivery model means that inventory management and returns are all controlled by the seller, without any restrictions from the official platform.

Actually, all e-commerce platforms are the same. If you want good sales, you cannot avoid doing fake orders and evaluations. Because for any new store or product on any platform, it is difficult to rely solely on natural traffic in the early stages. Therefore, many cross-border sellers choose to do evaluations to improve product rankings, weights, sales, and also increase orders, likes (ratings), store evaluations (feedback), and product evaluations (reviews).

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of self-operated accounts?

For companies that are new to the industry or have no technical expertise, it can be difficult to solve issues such as the purity of the evaluation environment, the details and skills of account management, and resource problems. It is challenging to increase the account creation rate, and it is a long road to success. Many people have been fooled, stepped on many pitfalls, and taken many detours.

Although many sellers know that self-operated accounts are a trend, for many sellers, the technical threshold for testing is relatively high. First, they need to understand Amazon’s risk control mechanism. We have also suffered a lot on this. From our experience of doing evaluations for five or six years, the key points of evaluation are: the need for a pure environment, IP, formal and reliable buyer information, credit cards or gift cards, and self-operated account testing methods that can be adjusted according to risk control.

Currently, our environment program is also the latest and safest environment system on the market. The environment is suitable for self-operated accounts on Amazon sites, Temu Pinduoduo, eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba International, Newegg, Meike Duo,, Walmart, Poshmark, Facebook, etc. Our technology research and development team also has the ability to respond to platform risk control at any time.

The value of self-operated accounts:

1. Sellers can test orders, rate, feedback, review, catch up with competitors, clear inventory, and defend and attack at any time and anywhere.

2. The account is self-managed, safe and controllable, and there is no need to worry about failed testing, malicious refunds, or using black cards to place orders.

3. Orders can be freely combined according to needs, one, two, or three orders.

4. No product is taboo. Recently, most of the tests are electronic products and gift cards.

5. Save labor costs. It takes less than 15 minutes for one person to go from registration to making a finished account.

6. Unlimited traffic, multiple people can replace and use, only need to pay a fixed monthly rent.

7. Stable account creation rate, around 95%, indirectly reducing costs.

8. There is no time limit for placing an order. You can place an order in the morning, noon, afternoon, or evening.

9. A single device can store thousands of accounts, greatly reducing equipment costs.

10. The mode is easy to replicate. You can add device environments according to the number of people, and you can test it yourself or set up a professional evaluation studio.

11. The IT technical team provides maintenance and technical updates, as well as one-on-one technical guidance.

12. Docking with first-hand registration resources (foreign email, address, phone number, credit card backend, gift card channel).

And we have been specializing in testing technology research and development and incubation for five or six years. The technology is already very mature. In recent years, the platform’s risk control is mainly in the following areas:

Association with underlying hardware parameters

Issues with IP purity: because many are public IP or small IP pools, but many people use them (similar to Lumi, Sock, and special lines), it is easy to be associated, and DNS will jump countries. WebRTC (local area network exposure) may also result in blacklisted IPs.

Payment card success rate: because many card readers are risk-controlled, a credit card supplier with the ability to update at any time is needed to replace and update the registration and ordering methods at any time. The account retention cycle and how to control and evaluate each link all need to be addressed. We welcome sellers to communicate and exchange with us.

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