Pickup also requires payment! Amazon continues to shift costs onto buyers!

Amazon charges for pickup, shifting costs to buyers

AMZ123 learned that, according to foreign media reports, Amazon has started to charge users a $10 pickup fee, and the e-commerce giant’s free home delivery service is gradually disappearing. With weak consumer demand, Amazon and other retailers are competing to cut the cost of home delivery and returns.

The report said that in the past few days, Amazon sent an email to an unspecified number of Prime subscribers, informing them that they need to pay $10 to pick up an order worth $25 or more at pickup points such as Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, or Kohl’s stores.

Amazon has not responded to this report.

Dean Maciuba, a logistics industry consultant, is one of the customers who received the Amazon notification. He said that increasing pickup services will help Amazon avoid expensive residential package delivery costs and greatly reduce the e-commerce giant’s delivery costs. In addition, this move is also convenient for consumers to return goods.

Earlier, a report from The Information stated that Amazon began to charge a $1 fee for returns at some UPS stores. If users have other free return options, such as Whole Foods, Kohl’s, or Amazon Fresh, when these return locations are close or the same as the UPS store, Amazon will increase the fee.

In addition to Amazon, American express delivery companies UPS and FedEx have always encouraged their customers to pick up goods at pickup points, especially for customers in rural areas, because delivering goods to remote addresses can greatly increase delivery costs.

For many years, Amazon has been committed to meeting consumers’ needs for fast, free delivery and returns. However, as e-commerce sales have gone through explosive growth and begun to decline, the company has had to “tighten its belt” and take various measures to reduce delivery-related costs for the entire company.

Last year, towards the end of the year, Amazon raised the subscription price for its US Prime members, which includes free delivery services, by $20 to $139. It also raised the minimum order threshold for free food and grocery delivery, encouraging customers to have all their packages delivered on a designated day of the week. Additionally, Amazon started charging fees for same-day deliveries for orders under $25.

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