Amazon CPC Certification Period Amazon CPC Certification Fee

Amazon CPC Certification Period and Fee

1. What is CPC certification? CPC certification is the abbreviation for Certificate of Certification in English, and its Chinese meaning is product safety certification.

It is a product safety certification system implemented by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

2. Why is CPC certification necessary? 1) Importance of product quality: With the development of China’s market economy, enterprises are increasingly focusing on the quality and effectiveness of their products. Product quality cannot be separated from quality system management. Therefore, many enterprises have started to attach importance to establishing quality systems and applying for relevant certifications. Currently, there are three common quality management system certifications in the market: ISO9001, ISO14001, and GB/T28001. Among them, ISO9001 is a common standard for management systems (the other two also have a certain scope of application). 2) Domestic market demand for product certification: With China’s accession to the WTO and the gradual integration into the international market, customers have increasingly high requirements for the quality of goods. In addition, in recent years, counterfeit and substandard products have been rampant in the domestic market, leading to a lack of confidence in the quality of domestic products by consumers. In order to increase consumers’ desire to purchase and trust, as well as to maintain the image and interests of enterprises, more and more Chinese enterprises are choosing to have their products tested or audited by third-party organizations for export or domestic sales. 3) Accessibility: As one of the representative standards of the CPD system, which is an internationally recognized product quality system, and a member unit of CCIB, CCIB can provide services and technical support (including training and testing) to enterprises to help them quickly obtain relevant certifications and enhance their image and reputation. 4) Cost savings: According to the “People’s Republic of China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law,” only products that have been inspected and qualified by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department can be sold or exported. Therefore, only laboratories accredited by CCIB can carry out the testing of such products. At the same time, according to relevant national regulations, the mandatory CCIB logo can only be effective if it is tested and reported by an authorized third-party inspection agency.

How to apply for Amazon CPC certification label? The Amazon CPC certification label is used by sellers in the sales process to distinguish whether the product has been officially certified by Amazon.

Using this label can effectively increase buyers’ confidence in purchasing products.

How to apply for CPC certification? 1. Register an account. Register an Amazon store and log in to that account. If you haven’t registered before, you need to register. Go to “My Account” -> “Manage My Account”, and then click “Create a new account” in the upper right corner. Fill in the information to complete the registration (Note: new users choose to become sellers immediately in order to apply). 2. Add products. Open your Amazon backend and select “Product Management” from the left menu. On the product page, find the product name or link you want to add (preferably in English), and then click the plus button on the right to add it to the list (Note: If you already have products or names in this category, you can enter them directly). 3. Submit the order. After confirming that you have added the correct product information, you can submit the order! If you have successfully uploaded relevant products and passed the review before, you can directly select the product you want to sell from the uploaded products. If not, you need to upload it again. After submitting, wait for customer service to review it! If the review is passed, you will be prompted to download and print the corresponding file in the background (Note: different countries and regions have slightly different requirements). 4. When your store successfully passes the official review, you will receive an email notification! At this time, you can log in to your background and check your situation. If it is in an undownloaded state, it means that the download has not been completed; if it is downloaded, it means that it has been downloaded! (PS. Due to different policies in each country, the specific time may also vary) 5. Activate. When your store passes the official review, you will receive the corresponding electronic product. At this time, we only need to go to the official website of the corresponding country or region to activate our electronic product.

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