Amazon Officially Interprets the Latin American Market, Opening Up a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Precision Operations

Amazon enters Latin American market with multi-dimensional precision operations

What is the current situation regarding the Latin American market, logistics, and consumer purchasing power? To address this, 360Lion Weishi Logistics has launched a series of “Latin American Super Brand Private Shareholder Meetings,” with the theme of “Adapting to the Times and Seizing Business Opportunities,” inviting the four major cross-border e-commerce platforms in Latin America to help brand sellers dig deep into the Latin American market.

The first salon was held on May 9th and featured Mercado Libre platform, who provided on-site audience analysis of Latin American consumer profiles and consumer electronics categories, and more. There were also discounts and benefits such as direct and rapid store approval.

After receiving enthusiastic feedback from the first audience, 360Lion Weishi Logistics hopes to hold more salons like this. For the second event, we are tirelessly planning and have invited global e-commerce giant Amazon platform to provide the on-site audience with a different perspective on the Latin American market, with in-depth analysis of market trends and platform policies from multiple dimensions.

The 【Amazon Investment Salon】event, co-hosted by 360Lion Weishi Logistics, Amazon, and Lianlian International, was held on May 18th at the Tian’an Cloud Valley in Shenzhen. The salon focused on “Market Platform Site Entry Analysis” in the Latin American market and launched a three-hour knowledge-sharing and interactive exchange, discussing insights, analysis, and practices in various vertical fields in Latin America.

At the beginning of the event, Gilbert, the investment manager of Amazon Brazil Station, delivered a speech entitled “Amazon Brazil Station Entry Strategy and Annual Trend Interpretation”. He deeply analyzed the advantages and future development trends of the Brazilian e-commerce market from various dimensions such as population demographics, e-commerce growth rate, and best-selling categories, and provided detailed introductions of Amazon Brazil Station regarding official resources, logistics solutions, and off-season product selection. After the guest’s sharing, the on-site audience asked questions from the perspectives of taxation, logistics, and product categories.

(Gilbert, Investment Manager of Amazon Brazil, gave a speech on site.)

Following that, Hu Meilin, Senior Client Manager of Lianlian International, gave a speech on the topic of “How Digital Payment Helps Sellers to Tap into the Latin American Market”. From the perspectives of the prospects of the Latin American e-commerce market and case studies, she analyzed the current situation of cross-border payments and mentioned that Lianlian International has been deeply cultivating the payment industry for more than 10 years, actively laying out global payment businesses, and providing a one-stop service system to solve the problems of clients’ fund security, thus creating a new ecosystem of comprehensive payment services.

(Hu Meilin, Senior Client Manager of Lianlian International, gave a speech on site.)

****After a tea break, Justin Guo, Investment Operation Manager of Amazon Mexico, shared “Market Trends and Entry Policies of Amazon Mexico Site” by introducing the market scale, online shopping group profile, and popular categories to enhance sellers’ understanding of the Mexico site, and recommended that sellers submit more promotion proposals during Amazon’s major promotional events and local well-known sales days, so as to obtain targeted traffic and optimize traffic sources. In addition, the official platform provides sellers with diversified promotion tools and constantly improves seller protection mechanisms, analyzing the process of sellers’ incubation from 0 to 1 in the Mexico site and establishing a “Seller Alumni Association”.

(Justin Guo, Investment Operation Manager of Amazon Mexico, gave a speech on site.)

Next, Zoey, Key Account Manager of Weishi Logistics, brought everyone the theme speech of “Latin American Logistics Solutions and Case Analysis of Logistics Problems”, discussing the current situation of the Latin American market and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of various platforms from multiple dimensions based on years of experience in deepening the Latin American market, allowing sellers to quickly and accurately match platforms that are suitable for their own product sales. At the same time, she collected common logistics problems in recent years and answered the reasons behind them one by one and how to avoid them.

(Speech by Zoey, Key Account Manager of Weishi Logistics)

After three hours of exciting sharing, the guests and on-site audiences had positive exchanges and discussions on how to better find the starting point in the Latin American market. At the same time, Amazon provided “eight major supports” for on-site sellers to promote communication and establish connections as part of its policy. 360Lion Weishi Logistics remains optimistic about the rapid development of the Latin American market and looks forward to breaking barriers and having more sellers and partners join in.


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