Amazon FBA First Shipment Sea Freight Operation Process

Amazon FBA sea freight process

Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service that allows sellers to store their products in Amazon’s warehouses. When a customer places an order, Amazon will handle and ship the order, as well as provide after-sales service.

As Amazon’s marketplace expands, more and more sellers are trying to use Amazon FBA first-leg ocean shipping service. This service allows sellers to ship their products from China to Amazon’s warehouses at a lower logistics cost. Below is the operating process of Amazon FBA first-leg ocean shipping:

1. Choose a freight forwarding company: In order to ensure the safe transportation of goods to the destination, sellers need to choose a reliable freight forwarding company. Sellers can search the internet or refer to recommendations from other sellers to find a suitable forwarding company. The forwarding company will provide transportation plans, consignment notes, cabin reservations, and monitoring services.

2. Prepare export documents: Sellers need to prepare export documents, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, and customs comparison tables. The preparation of export documents needs to comply with local regulations and ensure the accuracy of the information in the documents.

3. Reserve container space and get a quote: The freight forwarding company will provide a corresponding quote based on the quantity, size, weight, container loading method, and transportation route of the goods. Sellers need to choose the appropriate container loading method, such as full container load or less than container load, based on the quote and container loading time, and make a reservation for container loading time.

4. Container loading: Before transportation, sellers need to pack, mark, and classify the goods, and deliver them to the container loading site on the specified date. The freight forwarding company will be responsible for loading the goods into the container and then transporting them to the destination.

5. Shipping and customs clearance: It takes a few weeks for the ship to transport the goods to the United States. The freight forwarding company will track the transportation process and conduct customs clearance after arriving at the destination port. During customs clearance, sellers need to pay import duties and value-added taxes.

6. Delivery to Amazon warehouse: Once the goods have been cleared through customs and all fees have been paid, the freight forwarder will arrange delivery to Amazon’s warehouse. Sellers need to provide accurate inventory data and keep track of inventory levels to ensure timely completion of the Amazon FBA ocean freight process.

Using Amazon FBA ocean freight can reduce logistics costs, improve transportation efficiency, and speed up product launch. However, sellers need to spend more time and effort preparing documents, packaging items, and paying attention to shipping details, etc. Choosing a reliable freight forwarder and following the Amazon FBA ocean freight process can better ensure the safe transportation of goods.

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